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  1. 1) I disagree about this point, because many factors can complicate the scenario/plan: injuries, players/youngsters who didn't progress enough or can't be recalled from loans, players doing an u-turn (Nketiah), budget limits,etc.; 2) I partially agree: our transfers changed a little in the last windows (ex: big money for Kalas, three signings from Chelsea, more key players sold), but I don't know if this changes were planned or happened because of X circumstances (one of them is surely Covid and its effect on finances) ; 3) I agree about it and I think we'll see at least one young player coming here on loan to balance the age of the team and add something different: Nigel's opinion about Conway,Scott and co.could influence the type of target.
  2. Well, four of them were free agents who arrived only because of emergencies (injuries), so I wouldn't consider them as part of a real recruiting plan. Then there are exceptions based on particular situations: on paper Wells representend an unique chance for City, considering the type of deal (Brownhill going the other way) and the amount of money we should have spent for a proven goalscorer/indipendent signing; anothere example is Martin's arrival, that was probably linked to Diédhiou's contractual situation, so a sort of plan B (if Fammy signed, maybe we could have taken a young PL striker on loan).
  3. Welcome to City, Andy. Honestly I'm not much convinced with this signing: King's recent footballing experiences were negative and he arrives here in a complicated time for the club. I guess he will be useful off the pitch but...maybe not much in the games? We'll see...
  4. Home kit = quite bad Away kit = awful
  5. Some days ago I saw the full-season pass in Robins TV page, along with the friendlies pass. No sign of other options for now: the return of the monthly pass would be great.
  6. After such a complicated season, I think that our target should simply be avoiding injuries and not being involved in a relegation battle: something better would be a pleasing bonus. Anyway, tough start of the season for us; the end of March and April will be even harder,with WBA, Blades and Cherries together, but hopefully we'll be already safe. ☺
  7. I think that Portugal would have been a better opponent for England, especially for the rhythm of play. Anyway, if England can perform well for 90 minutes instead of 45, who knows...
  8. Hungary has a real fighting spirit.
  9. Another penalty for Portugal?!?
  10. Great start for our transfer activity. Welcome to BC, Matty!
  11. Great performance by Kalas yesterday. England played quite well in the first half, but in the second half could have done something more (even if the qualification was already guaranteed).
  12. It's not a secret that I'd have kept Hunt over him, but maybe he will prove to be an useful addition.
  13. Gutted for Gary. Winning a promotion at AG would have been a nice story.
  14. Edit: the white arrows in the shorts.
  15. I really like black, the club"s logo at the centre is OK, but I don't like the multicolor lines in the lower part of the shirt and in the shorts.
  16. Good defensive work from Hungary so far, helped by a tidy Nagy.
  17. Really pleased with this. One of the players we missed the most last season: I hope he's recovering well and that he'll be involved in training and friendlies soon.
  18. I discovered the club in 2007: it all started with the away match against Boro (FA Cup), that I watched with a friend on an Italian channel. Thanks to promotion I was able to watch more matches and my interest in the team grew, leading me to become a supporter: shame that such an outstanding season ended so cruelly...but in a certain way, that outcome pushed me even more closer to the Robins.
  19. He will have to face a delicate task: good luck to him!
  20. Glad for them. I would not be against keeping 1-2 or them around the first team. Maybe the best solution would be sending X & Y on loan for 6 months, than recalling them and letting W and Z go out on loan
  21. Where are Bentley and Semenyo?!?
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