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  1. All I can say about that joke verdict is, what the hell do you have to do to be found guilty in a Swiss court?? Just confirms how money must be the biggest influence in the Swiss legal system.
  2. Makes you wonder, as it’s certainly pretty fancy for just a card and a key ring.
  3. Pretty sure you’re right there. Whan stadiums went all seater, capacities were significantly reduced. You can bet with H&S these days, they wouldn’t let us revert to jam packed terraces again and it will be a staight swop from 1 person seated, to 1 standing.
  4. Interesting. Sounds like they think things are going to be improving with him gone then and I wonder how they think that will help re-open the stands?! Looks like it could be quite entertaining following the Brum off-field saga this coming year!
  5. Absolutely! Just had a look and it’s basically a pop-up ad site, making a pathetic and futile attempt to look like a fan’s forum. What a shambles of a site, but actually quite fitting for that club atm. Thank heaven for OTIB!!!
  6. Do you what BS4, I can’t even remember the result now! My enduring memories of that day was a great piss up in Aldershot, staggering through the park to the ground and that fantastic reception for GR. Made me super proud to be a City fan that day and you could tell how much it meant to Glyn.
  7. I remember us playing away at Aldershot shortly after he left us and had joined them. He got an amazing welcome from us travelling fans and was a fitting reflection of how much we love an honest, wholehearted player. Got many great memories of Glyn Riley and he really helped brighten those dark days in Division 4
  8. That’s awful news ITN and thoughts and hopes are with you and your loved ones. You’ve always come across as a great poster on our board and the good natured banter in both directions has typified what inter-club rivalry should always be about. Hopefully you’ll have plenty more laughs over here for many years to come and you’ll always be welcome. Stay strong and stay safe
  9. Just had to be some sad sag behind this, didn’t it! They’ll continue to claim it’s us obsessed with them, but we all know better!!!
  10. Pretty much how I remember too with the roads. I also got the impression that all vehicles seem to have been modified, so that any movement of the steering wheel or any of the pedals immedialy causes a beep on the horn!!! Traffic lights are clearly for decoration only, as nobody takes the slightest notice of them
  11. Haha, and pedestrians are certainly made of stern stuff in those situations I always chuckle when you hear people complaining about driving standards in this country. Obviously we’ve got some right mupputs here, but there are many places around the world where the standards are absolutely atrocious in comparison. Some of the antics are great for a laugh when you’re on holiday though, as long as you’re not actually having to drive in it!
  12. Sounds like Cairo in Egypt, though over there you can add in the occasional bloke perched on a pile of greenery on the back of a donkey, or old geezers pushing hand carts!!!
  13. Ahh right! I thought the only way that could be done was after deadline day, so thanks for clarifying vftd
  14. …. so how is the ‘marked as not being renewed’ relevant at the moment, as surely that won’t be known at present? Isn’t it the case that existing ST holders have until the beginning of May to secure their current seat, before they are then made available to new takers?
  15. If this did actually happen, it would be conclusive proof that SL really hasn’t got a clue, or has totally lost the plot.
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