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  1. I thought Nurse before the game today. He was the one left in his position against Celtic, whilst Pring was shifted to CB. Also started today. But didn’t have the greatest of games & although it’s only pre season, he’ll come up against far better wingers than Harness this season. I guess we’ll see how it goes the next couple of games but think the spot is safely Dasilvas.
  2. How many result in goals though? Taylor Moore seems to make big mistakes that end up with us conceding.
  3. As he was the majority of last season. So slow. Some very nice passing triangles from Pompey when we press them.
  4. Don’t see Pep or Klopp in suits unless it’s a final, even then I’m not sure Klopp bothers. Couldn’t care less what our manager wears tbh.
  5. Might go down for the quarter final, never been before so not sure how easy it is for tickets. What stand is best for atmosphere? If any. Is there any part that is covered to keep out of the sun a bit if it’s another day like today?
  6. They still post stupid stuff though. Taylor Moore scored a volley from about 6 yards out and Ryan Morgan posted ‘STOP THAT’ as if it was some 40 yarder. A few years ago we got interviews from Steve Allen etc. It just shows they’ve done a bad job for a few seasons & are now getting better at it.
  7. If we start with Wells on the left and Martin through the middle we'll struggle for goals. Honestly I really hope that's not the case. Nahki Wells is a striker, he's scored consistently at this level for years, we need him in the box. Chris Martin is on the decline, he started the season well then badly faded. I'm very worried about going into a season with him as our main striker.
  8. Slightly worried also after reading that. Surely not
  9. @Harry Just signed for Cardiff on loan. Intrigued to see how he gets on.
  10. What a man. I really hope they have a good season.
  11. I've not seen too much regarding it, but did come across this article. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/temporary-rule-covid-efl-scrapped-24267218 I think the 5 subs benefited relegated teams the most, I expect Norwich and Watford would've been up there regardless but with 5 subs it made it far too easy.
  12. I'd hope that leaving the 7 shirt free means we're getting a winger in, but the past few years I believe it's gone Marvin Elliott, Korey Smith then Chris Martin. At the very least I think it means we'll have 1 more first teamer joining.
  13. I don’t think we plan on selling him, but with Ben White going to Everton, Brighton will be on the lookout for a replacement & will know that him and Webster played well together. Kalas cost us £8m though, and I can’t see us selling at a loss so they’d have to pay a decent amount if any Prem club come calling.
  14. It could've been tweaked to make it 90 mins only. I always thought it unfair that the away team second leg had a big advantage going into extra time in that if they get one, the home team would have to get two to win it. I don't think it'll be as bad a thing as most make out, the play-offs don't have them, and I reckon they're the most entertaining matches all season. Both teams usually go for it.
  15. Have heard the same. Can’t really moan about being away on Boxing Day/final day considering we had opening day, Boxing Day & final day all at home last season.
  16. Oh yeah I’ve seen his club form was exceptional! I just don’t think it necessarily means it’ll translate to the England side, but I certainly hope it does. I quite like Saka anyway, would like to see both him & Sancho play, we know what Sterling can do, we’ve qualified for the knockout stages, why not give them both a run out.
  17. In a 4-3-3 for France, Kante & Rabiot are often both in the side, I wonder if they get as much stick about playing two midfielders who don’t get forward much. Rabiot isn’t exclusively a defensive CM but I don’t feel like Phillips is either. Far too much is being blamed on this. Doesn’t help England that our CF drops back in so much! Was crying out for DCL on Friday against Scotland I reckon.
  18. I've just posted something very similar to this! Agree completely. Pickford had a decent season for Ev this year though, but season before wasn't great at all, I still always would've had him down for Englands no 1
  19. So far in an England shirt, Sancho has looked very ordinary & not stood out in any game he's played in. I don't think it's madness. I would like to see him play though, I don't think the others on the wings have been up to much so far so only right we give Grealish/Saka/Sancho a chance. Saka has looked impressive the couple of appearances he has made for England as well. Few players carry their club form into the England team, it's always been so frustrating. There are certain players who play well for England but aren't necessarily in the best form for their club who still get picked and everyone acts outraged but I actually don't mind it. It's rare players do well for us. I always stuck up for the likes of Welbeck & Wilshere, and I continue to do so for the likes of Pickford & Trippier. Never let us down. Personally tonight I'd like to see this Pickford Walker, Stones, Maguire, Trippier/Shaw Rice, Henderson/Phillips Saka, Grealish, Sancho Calvert-Lewin
  20. Squeezed is the best burger I've ever tasted. Honest Burger, Hobgoblin & Three Brothers all up there though. I tried Bronx a month or so ago, it was terrible! The fries were unbelievably dry, I've never had fries like it & I thought the same about the burger bun. I don't like to write places off after 1 visit though, so will definitely give it ago again, might even pop down on the weekend. Asado really wasn't for me either! May have to put it back on the list as well.
  21. Morrell starts for Wales against Turkey. Their fans really don’t seem to rate him, just did a quick search of his name on Twitter & its pretty much all negative comments.
  22. You're not wrong. But he's got to be pissed off with how soon he's coming into matches as a number 4 recently. Pope looks so good, he's started to do similarly to how Buttler was doing a year or so ago, getting into the 20's/30's then going out. Denly would do similarly but at least he'd see off 100 balls before going out. I've seen little in Crawley to suggest he's the permanent fix in at number 3, and Sibley not been great recently as one of the openers either. Gives Bairstow another chance at being in there somewhere.
  23. 2 hours later & the fairly straightforward question still hasn't been answered. Google.co.uk - Hope you get the answer you require, my friend.
  24. Southgate was asked. Hope that clears that bit up. Also, you might find you have better luck searching for the answer to your original question on google. I’m sure it won’t take too long for you to find out.
  25. Not sure but I doubt it’s been in the news anywhere else. Southgate was probably also asked about it rather than making a statement out of the blue. If the players want to kneel & use it as a show of solidarity then fair enough. Why would anyone let that ruin their day?
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