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  1. Parking won't make much of a difference in that situation right now as 2/3 of the ground is uncovered anyway. Obviously covered terraces change that somewhat, but at the moment the club aren't there. Would be great for them to see some sort of success, for sure. The cup run showed the potential.
  2. There's a reason I changed my wording from "us" to "the fan base" before I pressed "Submit Reply"!!!
  3. The park and ride will only be a 10 minute walk from the stadium, however, which would help. And most residents will live within 3 miles, so the younger/fitter among the fan base are in walking distance. Would be even funnier if it were to happen in a Southern Premier League South match!
  4. Nige did throw him under the bus a little after the Huddersfield match though. Can't remember the exact quote, but he was speaking about Ayman and said something along the lines of "he had to cover when the left sided defender wasn't doing his job". It seemed a very pointed comment at the time. Must've been a press interview as it wasn't on the official site. He did mention in that interview that the range in individual performances week on week was too wide.
  5. Fluffy Slippers was another nickname I seem to recall! He always had the technical ability, but always seemed like he could do with bulking out massively every pre-season.
  6. How have Matty's Bryant and Hewlett not had a mention yet?!?
  7. Would still be more mobile than Chris Brunt ever was for us!
  8. Hang on, last month you were moaning about people having freedom of choice stripped away with entry to the ground and now you're trying to say what people should or shouldn't be allowed to wear? If it's a neutral team, then why should it cause any problems? Bizzarre.... It's almost as if we don't see United, Chelsea, Arsenal etc shirts in the ground every home game.
  9. Never a handball. It struck his elbow, from behind, and it was in a perfectly natural position. I'd have gone mad if that had been given against us. Weimann completely stopping to appeal rather than hacking it clear was frankly astounding.
  10. Yep. Woeful throughout but got those two right, and the "handball" in the build up to the winner right as well. Never a handball and you'd expect someone of Weimann's experience to play to the whistle rather than stop, appeal and let them waltz past him. The only difference between their pen and ours is that if he'd given us the pen he'd have had to have sent the bloke off. He utterly bottled it. Some shocking indiscipline from some very senior pros on our side tonight though.
  11. Wish I'd known about this last season.... I'd have used that instead of Robins TV and hoped for buffering from kick off until full time!
  12. I can't be the only one who clicked this topic with a feeling of dread about the contents! Can we please add a little more context to the headings than just a name when they're of a certain vintage?!? My heart cannae take it!
  13. Give it up, James. If you argue with an idiot they'll eventually just bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.
  14. This is spot on and a much better example than the one I was going to use. That was going to be AIDS. The most famous AIDS victim is undoubtedly Freddie Mercury. Ask 100 people what he died from and a very high percentage would say AIDS. And they'd be wrong as it was in fact pneumonia. The virus had just robbed his body of the ability to fight it. Just like with cancer as in your example. And covid as well. It makes me laugh with the hit by a bus argument, because it's still possible that covid had a hand in the death as the mythical person hit by a bus may not have been strong enough to fight the injuries compared to someone who hadn't had the virus. The fact that it hinders the body's defence system when fighting any illness or injury is extremely valid, but is just conveniently ignored because Doctor Vicky Pollard of Facebook University said it is irrelevant! The only real thing we need to accept is that certain people you can talk to until you're blue in the face. They don't want to be convinced and will not be convinced under any circumstances.
  15. Was he a Johnson signing though? There were plenty of people on here calling for the club to sign him. Seemed to me like it was an Ashton signing designed to get showered with adulation and stroke the ego. You thought Ashton knew what he was doing?!? Is it just me that sees this as a "they all look the same to me" style of comment?!? I think he'll end up flitting between the championship and league one. I think he'd boss many league one teams in the way JET did. That would see him secure a move to the championship where he'll again flatter to deceive and find himself back in league one where he'd boss many...... Etc etc ad infinitum.
  16. I was simply responding to a point in a post....
  17. Absolutely not what I said. I said the New World Order/Great Reset conspiracy theorists are Batshit crazy. And that is a view I will stand by. That's not a different opinion, it's grounded in utter falsehoods and proven to be so. But you feel free to twist words however you like, I won't lose sleep over it.
  18. I wholeheartedly disagree with people saying he should be banned from the stadium for life. That doesn't go far enough as a punishment. He should slapped with a season ticket and be forced to watch City like the rest of us! That'll learn him, innit?!?
  19. There has been an Epsilon variant. And an Eta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Mu and Zeta. The reason they're not well known is because they are all classed as VBM's (Variants being monitored), save Lambda and Mu, which are or have been VOI's (Variants of interest) or VUI's (Varients under investigation). Delta and Omicron are VOC's (variants of concern), hence the increase in measures to combat them. It's really not bizarre and is very easy to find out the answers, These people are batshit crazy, aren't they? Them and their great reset! *shudder* Whilst the number is growing, it is thankfully still a tiny minority overall. Thankfully the gross majority are doing the right and sensible thing. No we don't. The report is somewhere between 250,000 and 740,000 since March 2020. Yes, the number is still staggering even at the lower end of the scale, but still important to note that these are not 250,000 actual cancer cases, but 250,000 plus cases where people didn't or weren't able to see a doctor for consultation. Again, it is very high, but it should be seen as a lesson to be learned moving forward. The tragedy would be in those sorts of figures being repeated over the next 18 months because it would show that we've not done enough to address the problem after acknowledging that there is one.
  20. Yeah, apologies, I hadn't appreciated that the vaccine passport was going to impact on outdoor events. I still stand by my stance that I don't have any problem with it myself.
  21. Maybe move it to the politics forum. I don't have a problem with the passports myself, but understand how some would.
  22. And that arrogant statement is exactly what brings the negative perception of the anti-woke brigade. Anyone who doesn't agree with the widespread acceptance of things that are not quite of the traditional "norm" immediately becomes "woke" and "PC bollocks" for those unable to avoid being to comprehend it. And yes, the comprehension statement is very deliberate because the argument against it often is accompanied with "What happened to he/she?", "Why can't they just be male/female" etc.
  23. Not sure it's the chants and songs that are the source of the apologies. I think it tends to be the odd individual voice being picked up in quieter moments, whether that be a dissenting voice from the stands, or even the dug out. Those closest to the pitchside microphones are obviously going to get picked up more.
  24. Why are people getting annoyed with society for a simple apology? Bristol Rob is almost certainly correct that it's a regulatory thing. It is probably just happening more as the sound receivers (definitely not the tannoys!) in the ground are so much better than they historically were and so pick it up a lot easier and clearer. Combine an improvement in technology with an increase in the amount of live football being shown and it's a more regular occurrence. I don't know what the regulations are about swearing in a program after 9pm. What is the cut off? Is it any swearing after 9pm is allowed, or is it any swearing on programs that start at or after 9pm that's allowed. Apologies are often heard in the second half of evening games, which would indicate that if the broadcast starts before 9pm then it's for the duration of the broadcast if that makes sense.
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