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  1. I have to be honest I'm slightly confused by his account. He seems to be slating the regime for ripping the heart and soul (such as it is!) out of the club, but praising Wally at the same time saying about how much he loves the club. Is essentially his point that Wally Al-Qaeda is well intentioned but incompetent? I'm really not sure! I think his openness is to be applauded though. He's clearly hurting at the way the club has been run and how decent people have been thrown under a bus having done nothing wrong. He's trying to make clear that the clubs scapegoats are not the villains of the piece.
  2. Dropped as quickly as it was brought in. Should've been kept, but the officials just didn't implement it properly. Rather than ditch the officials, they ditched the rule.
  3. Yeah, it's one of those that people use their attendance as a stick to beat them with, whereas I prefer to see it as they're probably one of the best supported clubs in the country just because they haven't got a ton of glory hunters in the ground. Most of them are Man City fans because they're Man City fans and not because they were bought by the mega wealthy. Having said that, their last two league games were only a little under capacity.
  4. We'll always have our soirée in the Anglo Italian cup!
  5. I don't know what you mean....mine and Matthews feet reach the floor like everyone elses, so are we actually short...? Matty Hill actually played extremely well at CB as well. I do still believe that positioning and movement is more important than height in that position though. You can gain that extra yard to shut down the attack by moving smartly. As for Llewy....I was having doubts about including him in a list of "best" full backs... but in a position where he's compared against such greats as Nick Hunt, Marvin Harriot, Danny Wilson and Brian Mitchell he seemed to fit the bill! Didn't Henry McKop also play there....? I've tried to blot that one out of my head somewhat!!!
  6. I think it's possibly that he loves his attitude that Nige likes the most. He's willing to do whatever is necessary for the team irrespective of what it means for him.
  7. Was about to say about that game. I was also there for Carey's debut. Open terrace, dodgy burgers and Kevin Nugent scoring the only goal of the game. Heady days indeed.
  8. I don't see why height should be an issue at full back. If the ball is being played over his head and into space then what needs working on is his positioning and movement off the ball. Some of our best full backs over the years have been vertically challenged. Matty Hill was the same height, as was Andy Llewellyn and Coops. Mickey Bell only an inch taller, as was Joe Bryan. Jamie Mac, Martin Scott and Darren Barnard only 3 inches taller. For a full back, height isn't the be all and end all.
  9. A criticism aimed at him during his latter days at Brighton as well. Admittedly that was when trying to survive in a Premier League relegation scrap.
  10. You're quite right. So long as people know who you're on about it doesn't matter how you spell someone's name. It's like when people mistakingly spell Robbored with a silent "that bloke who ran scared of GJ" or the other common misspelling of "Rovers minibus driver". So long as people know who you mean, what does it matter?
  11. There are some topics you don't necessarily need to open to see how they're gonna go....This combination is sometimes enough.
  12. I think Tanner is probably a few weeks at least from being anywhere near ready to put in there. He was bought with next season in mind but encouraging to hear Pearson say that he's shown enough already to suggest he'll be in contention this season. He'll arguably need a few more weeks of training with and against a much better standard than he's been used to before chucking in, but Pearson must have that in mind. Simpson is this seasons Chris Brunt. His legs just aren't there. He was ok last season. Nothing more, nothing less, but I guess had the excuse of lacking match fitness to carry him through.
  13. I think this in part was down to an unusually lacklustre performance from Weimann last night. Had his usual industrious work ethic, but for whatever reason just didn't click for him last night. When AW is off form we don't really have that player to play it through to. Martin I thought was excellent last night. Good workrate and really strong against a physical defence, but realistically he's better with the ball played into him. He's not going to outpace anyone. He used his strength well last night but didn't really have a foil. I was hoping Wells would've provided this when he came on, but sadly not. The trouble with playing balls in from the wing is that we still seem to be a very small team. The delivery has to be spot on, but unfortunately last night there were too many balls floated into the six yard box. Keepers will gather those up all day long.
  14. It's not as simple as I don't like it. It's just pure and utter bobbins!
  15. I think credit has to be given to Luton for a near perfect away performance. They defended well (admittedly with little threat in the final third) and countered even better. We did seem to defend far too deep. There was a massive gap between Martin and the midfield and that was the space they exploited to begin to build their attacks. We seem to be more secure with three central midfielders in the team, but unfortunately that does leave us exposed down our right hand side in particular. With the lack of a credible option at right back, which is where the majority of opposition attacks into our box seem to come from, we are going to continue to be put under pressure unless we start defending further up the pitch and prevent it getting that far. The hope is that Tanner proves in training to be able to make that step up sooner than anticipated. Vyner is just Moore but at right back. Still has at least one error in him every game. And Simpson just doesn't seem to have any legs. Almost a repeat of the Chris Brunt situation there.
  16. Do you genuinely have so little idea as to how football finances work to believe that 90% of our income comes from less than 10k pay on the day supporters? And then call it "facts". I'll tell you what is a fact. Something doesn't become a fact simply because you state it to be. You are correct in that it's a fans forum....but you don't ever seem to be supportive of anything, so are you even a fan? Like others have said you'd probably feel more at home on the City Till I Die Facebook page. Equally as awful both in content and grammar on that page. You'd fit in well. For me, I've enjoyed watching us at the Gate. We have to sort out our ability to see games out, but the difference between the football now and the football even 6 months ago is massive and if you cannot see that then you really are a lost cause. And then you call for Lampard to take over! Utterly clueless.
  17. You were close.....well.....what's 500 years between friends, eh?!? He was apparently part of a movement to "De-paganise" the ground in the 14th century and was digging out the stone when it fell on him, entombing him until 1938. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barber_surgeon_of_Avebury
  18. Sheffield United instead of Weds?
  19. That's an amazing achievement! Well done that man. You don't fancy a transfer to Bristol do you?!?
  20. If anyone wants to come along to have a look at how it's run etc, feel free to come along one Friday from 7 to have a look. Someone was there scoping it out last week, spoke to the league coach and signed up
  21. We do have some people who are only in it for the football. Thankfully none of those are on my team. My lads bought into it from day 1. Weston league has just been restarted, so may be worth having another look.
  22. I posted on here earlier in the year about Man v Fat Football at Horfield Leisure Centre and decided to go for it in the end. I got assigned to the Red team, thankfully, and ended up captaining them, settling on the name Borussia Munchinflapjacks! We're finishing the 18 game season off in a fortnight with a cup final, having already won 2 of the 3 titles on offer. The reason we have won this is because of the weight loss aspect of the league. The support offered by my team mates has seen me shed almost 10% of my starting weight since the start of the season. Four of my team mates have already hit their 10% loss and one is closing in on 15%. This is huge and has seen a massive improvement in our health and our fitness overall. The incentive to lose weight is by being awarded match goals for losing weight, hitting target %'s and tracking your food. This saw one team overturn a 7-0 defeat last week into a 10-10 draw. Their captain has told me that this has inspired them even more this week as they can see the effect it has. So we won the scales league, undefeated in 14 matches, for these off the pitch scores, finished 2nd in the pitch league for on the pitch scores and won the ultimate combined pitch and scales league for these overall results. The league is competitive and there are some huge players there, starting the season at well over 160kg. Some haven't stepped foot on a pitch in over 20 years. Ages range from 24 to 65, so there really is no barrier. One of them posted this in a group chat this morning: "Hey guys, just wanted to share something that made me smile. I went to London for the weekend a little over a month ago and I found the seats on the underground really uncomfortable. Not their fault though, I was too big and the arms on the chair were digging into my legs. Anyway this weekend I returned to London for the weekend and on my journey back to the coach station I tried the seats again and nothing. This is one of the first times that there has been a noticeable change to my size and it certainly gave me a spring in my step TL:DR when in doubt always keep an eye out for the little wins." The positive impact on mental health that getting healthy does is absolutely massive. Why am I posting this? Well with season 2 around the corner, we are looking to expand the league from 4 to 6 teams. PM me if you are interested in giving it a go. It sounds corny, but it really has changed my life for the better. If you think "I'm too fat/old/shit/unfit" to play football anymore and have a BMI over 27.5 then think on. None of those things are a barrier. They're a reason.
  23. He may give us a discount for running around with Mansion Bet on our shirts.....!
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