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  1. Holiday traffic would be a real issue...if there was a bank holiday next week. But there's not. It's a week Monday!
  2. You're not wrong. His last match for England was vs Germany
  3. Or has Rolls fubarred him that badly that he now can't stay fit. Walsh and Williams both out for pretty much the whole of last season being treated and rehabilitated by him and both suffering injuries again. It could be that they are both injury prone, or it could be that both have been made injury prone.
  4. As Silvio said, transfer the balance to your account. You can also then use that credit to buy them an away shirt if they're wanting that and to get free printing at the moment. Not even remotely frustrated that we paid £15 less than 2 weeks ago for my lads name and number.......!
  5. SK Sturm Graz and Grazer AK in Austria. He asked for his name to be taken off the stadium when he was Governor of California to spare the concern of the locals after he refused to grant clemency to Stanley Tookie Williams. Austria are dead set against the death penalty and a petition had been set up asking for the removal but he jumped in before it received enough signatures to say "Ja, mach das".
  6. Robins TV has improved over the last 18 months. to be fair...... Oooooohh....right....gotchya. As you were.
  7. Not unless you're the kid involved, maybe not. But having had my boy do it, I can tell you that for the kid, the thrill of being pitchside just heightens the excitement they feel and nails them down that little bit more as a fan. Pitch side and a present at the end of it. All for 2 minutes of your time that you don't have to pay attention to. It's not there for our benefit, but for the younglings! So on that basis, yes, there is 100% a point to it. Downsey on the other hand.........
  8. They can count the people on it on the fingers of one hand. There are 6 people.......
  9. You're quite right, shameless plugs are a blight on our society and I feel very strongly about it. You can read why in my new book, "Shameless Plugs and Why They're Bad", to be published on the 32nd August at all good book stores. She has covered us quite a bit and did several stints on Robins TV I think.
  10. Yeah, the way to look at it I guess is that some people have to go abroad for months at a time for work, and therefore they live here, but have a legitimate reason to be subscribing. The club are just doing what they have to do in terms of blocking UK IP addresses given the regulations surrounding UK broadcasts. They would obviously prefer bums on seats, but I doubt they really care about people using VPN's if they can't make the match. They're just not allowed to encourage, or even acknowledge it I guess.
  11. I wonder if you would have the same view had the documentary gone the other way.....
  12. Not football, but as has been stated, Steve Thompson has it at 42.
  13. Headaches and dementia do require a brain to settle into......!
  14. You don't need it. You want it. The people who make the decision are the ones who need it. The next batch of research will no doubt start to include those who played in the 80's. Cause and effect are time delayed, so at present you won't see many cases of players from the 90's onward developing dementia yet. You are aware that research evolves as the world and technology does, yeah? Back in the early 1900's there wouldn't have been the resources, monetary or otherwise to conduct this research. Neither would a link have necessarily been made. Indeed, until the late 19th century, dementia was merely a broad stroke diagnosis. It merely referred to those who had lost the ability to reason....in the 19th Century many on this forum would've been diagnoses with it! Yes, they will...but ultimately people generally have dementia, but it's their families that suffer. The truth often is predictable. The whole attitude displayed is one of "They accept the risk, so I don't care what happens to them so long as I'm entertained."
  15. It's always amazed me how often professional footballers fail to even clear the first man at corners. It's not just City, it was just as evident at the Euros and all football in general. You have the opportunity to place the ball to your liking and cross the ball under absolutely no pressure! It makes absolutely zero sense that throughout the game, delivery at corners is so poor. Yes, there's sometimes an element of good defending, but more often than not it's just poorly struck.
  16. Yate Town is a great little club indeed. Not a patch on Yate United though, eh, @Silvio Dante?
  17. I insisted on my 9 year old reading your blog this morning. He is now in awe of what Mr Cooper did for this club and understands why I've always spoken of him with such huge affection.
  18. Do you have any other info? I did ask on another thread.... price, turnstiles opening times etc?
  19. Anyone going? Can't find any information on ticket prices at all - @Yatetownfc could you confirm? When do turnstiles open?
  20. With all due respect, name one. I cannot think of one who has done this and put his own money into the club as well as doing non-managerial things such as - as mentioned by SD - helping a player move house etc. All whilst dragging a club back from the depths of despair. Promotion from the 4th and 2 Wembley finals, in style as well, was nothing short of a miracle at the time for a club such as ours in the place it was in. This isn't an emotional call. It's a repeated call....a call that has been made time and time again for years for him to receive this sort of recognition. If the emotions surrounding his passing are what ultimately gets Mr Cooper the recognition he deserves and many have clamoured for for many years, then that's absolutely fine by me. But please do not disrespect the great man by suggesting that it's only wanted because he's passed. You couldn't be further from the truth. Apologies if this comes over as quite an aggressive post, I was going for passionate(!), however TC may not be the best football manager we've had in my lifetime....though I struggle to think of too many better....but that gentleman meant so much to so many of us and was so influential in my early years of supporting the club. What he did will never be repeated. He gave this club back its soul in a time it had been ripped away from us.
  21. No....It's pretty much street parking. You just take what you can get really. When we played there pre-season in 2019 I parked about 25 min walk from the ground...for a friendly. Can't imagine it being any better for a cup game.
  22. Yep....phone supporter services. They'll sort you quickly enough.
  23. Not sold on him.....seems like a bit of a pjanic buy to me....
  24. They were always Welsh...originating in Cardiff, but Ma Clark pushed out a lot of kids, who all flew the nest and opened up elsewhere, including Bristol. As far as I'm aware, Keith, who runs the shop and van by the ground is married to one of the descendents and it's still very much a family business.
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