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  1. Mods....we need a place, perhaps a sub-forum or something, that we can ask questions that could be answered by a club official....maybe some sort of officer that the supporters could liaise with....... Then Luke could ask his hypothetical question there and not offend anyone who points out a little flaw or two. Maybe slotting it here between the transfer forum and the match day archives would be good......
  2. Then ignore the baby comparison. Go with the rest of it. It's not "Trophy's coming home" but "football's coming home". As I said, it seems to me to be more about success coming to the birthplace of the modern game. (modern being a relative term of course)
  3. Not at all....we say a newborn baby is coming home. Someone who is maybe in hospital and their family moves to a new house while they're there are coming home when they leave.... And I see the meaning of "it's coming home" to be much more generic than a trophy, and to be more about footballing success is coming back to the country of football's birth. Further, as both semi finals and the final are being played here, the three most important matches in the tournament, then again, it's coming home still fits. Therefore it most certainly is possible to be coming home.
  4. They'll do that easily when Messi signs for us I'd imagine. I presume he's included in the figures at the moment?
  5. Well it won't be Marcondes unfortunately. Signed for Bournemouth last week.
  6. So does Taylor Moore...... Maturity in interviews doesn't mean a thing unfortunately. Even so....nice to know he's not a knuckle dragger! Got good vibes about him. Celtic's interest will show that he definitely has something.
  7. But let's not forget he already tried to invest in them and they turned him down, leading him to come to us instead...just like Harry Dolman...(they really don't learn!) There's no reason for us to believe that they would have decided any differently had we ceased to exist. Of course, had he had the same appetite for sport in the area, and there's nothing to say he would have, then he may well have bought them when Higgs sold up. As far as I'm aware though it was owning City and seeing what other successful clubs did that gave him that thirst for improving sport in and around Bristol. Woulda, coulda, shoulda....It's all eggs, bacon, beans and a fried slice in the end....But don't quote me on that.
  8. Thought I'd help 1team get the answer he is looking for with his topic because I'm nice like that!
  9. Need a "please move me to the correct forum" option.
  10. There's a sub-forum for this sort of question to be asked if you want to be sure the point is seen by the club. Try popping it into the SLO forum to a) get confirmed what many are saying as the reasons, and b) make the point about the link you've posted in another post taking you to a page that isn't clear. It's a valid point about transparency across all communication. Unfortunately your topic title probably makes it less likely that a member of staff would see it in this forum.
  11. Of course.... you don't need an overseas address to sign up for it....just a Very Particular Network that you sign in from....... apparently.....
  12. It may be taken out of our hands anyway. The government have conducted a review into advertising of betting firms which could result in shirt sponsorship by them being banned. (Of course, being a Tory government, if Denise throws a big enough brown envelope their way this won't be the ultimate outcome!). Can't find anything now to confirm when this may kick in, but I'm sure I read somewhere that if banned it would kick in from 22/23 season.
  13. There's a difference between a highly experienced and successful Champions League winning manager.....and Ian Holloway. We didn't have a problem with John Ward.
  14. No, starting with North Andy Cole keeps talking over her....!
  15. Didn't it use to be the case where they only counted after extra time anyway? Otherwise the team at home in the second leg had an unfair advantage.... Either that or I need to put the Whiskey down!
  16. Following on from the question asked below are there plans to bring out a bigger range of items. The other year I got my boy a duvet set and curtains which he would love to update to ones with the new badge etc. Other things like City PJ's, onesies etc for kids would be a massive hit I'm sure.
  17. That was the one. Joe said of him after something like 8 in the first 10 matches that he couldn't be considered a great goalscorer yet, but was a scorer of great goals. They soon dried up though!
  18. They'd definitely be in my top 23....
  19. It's always easier to listen to someone if you're not picturing them dangling by their ankles from the Suspension Bridge!
  20. Would love for that "elsewhere" to be here. Thought he looked a class act....regardless of the fact he sounds like a National Trust venue!
  21. Is that the new third strip.......?
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