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  1. Havent met another here in Winchester but then only moved about 8 months ago!
  2. Nothing down in Hampshire so far
  3. seems odd they included title wins for L1 & L2 but not the JPT? ....yes I'm just looking at angles to get us higher up the table!
  4. only 2 ways goals are scored - defensive mistakes or brilliance from the other side. In this case its just good attacking play. Quote taken from SOD I believe!
  5. forgive my ignorance but what is on that site today? I of course know of the road itself but wondered where the green space/pitch would be today?
  6. technically nothing wrong provided all measures adhered to, but it does seem a tad unnecessary given the climate. Just hope he's not pessimistically thinking he might not be here when COVID's gone!
  7. let's hope he's not caught COVID and has to take our matches on Robins TV!
  8. Vince Harper the standout for me - also had the captain’s armband I believe. first half was a little men against boys quite literally, City sharper,quicker with better control but ultimately outmuscled by bigger “men” second half we came into it a lot more & looked more settled in the 3-5-2, Hinds looked lively when he came on and probably should have found the net at least once. We have some tidy players going forward - as I say impressed by Vince Harper & an emphatic finish by Britton for #4
  9. annoyingly SWR overground isnt running this weekend (earlsfield to waterloo). So it's a bus to Tooting then northern line for me!
  10. Managed to get x2 for England's second group game on the Friday night (could be vs Scotland!) - just the £150 each England in a major tournament, at Wembley can't complain really. Let's hope its versus the Scots!
  11. as you say H&C line to Baker Street then a easy run down to London Bridge. With google maps and apps like citymapper its pretty easy to navigate these days
  12. I'm hoping not to get forced onto a Paddington train living in Wandsworth but when I did this game last in 2018 it was fairly easy to slink off at London Bridge. No real issues that I recall. Looking forward to another London away day, although the result on Saturday has put a downer on it somewhat
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