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  1. Brian Hill from Coventry,and Les Wilson from Wolves .Kept us up in 1971.
  2. According to Non league paper,Gary Waddock due to take over this week.Non league manager ,the gash taking cheap option.hahaha
  3. Job for SOD.Best man to continue the job.Marriage made in heaven.
  4. Not sure if it's been posted,but in the past City were home one week and the gas the next.Now a days with computers you get both clubs away on the same day,or home on some day.Seems to me that EFL can't run a booze up in a brewery.They need to sort this out asap.
  5. Why,are the gash still harping on about 82.Their admins around the corner.Cant wait!
  6. The only news on UWE is that a £55,million business school and law school on site.No mention of a ragbag stadium. Hope it's on the same parcel of land
  7. I ,exspect this is the new gas stadium .Gas squating in south glos!
  8. Can't believe those tossers would call the training ground The Colony!How can you take that moronic club for real.
  9. Good news just hope Millwall score more.
  10. The last nonleague side to beat City in the FA Cup were Crewe Alexandra in 1911 ,score 3_0.
  11. Cant believe blue few are playing today.Thought that all their internationals would be on duty in the qualifiers. Hope Millwall stuff them ,2 rancid clubs together,c'on millwall.
  12. Its areal shame that the other memorable day in gas history isnt on film,Luton town 12 Rovers 0.April 1936,at Kenilworth Road.Joe Payne hit 10.
  13. Still laughing here 2 and half years on .haha Still laughing best bit of comedy since Delboy and Rodneys batman sketch.haha
  14. Just a thought Rovers in their total football league history have only spent a total of 6 seasons in a higher division than City.1953 to 55,1960 to 62 and 82 to 84.fact.
  15. Tonights the night that all city supporteers would ever want MK dons to win.Dons 2 up yesssss
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