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  1. LJ over coached and over complicated, hence the upturn in results when he left. I’m hoping today’s showing will prove it’s just very poor coaching why we’re in this mess, and they’ll be no dead cat bounce just because Holden has gone. Simpson and Downing must go now! Get someone in asap who will at least bang heads together. Put Tinnion in charge in the meantime. At least he’d get across what it means to wear the shirt.
  2. We are in free fall. Pearson is the one (even more than Howe, who’s never coming here in a month of sundays) to stop us plummeting out of this division.
  3. Uncomfortable as Jon Lansdown is in front of the camera, you could tell he wasn’t happy with the appointment of Holden. Now if my old man and his very dependable right hand man told me to put aside my opinions and look happy at the decision at appointing Dean, I’d say ok I’ll do it. However, don’t think for a minute I’ll be around putting on a brave face and taking any of the blame when it all goes tits up.
  4. Had a really good game against Brentford and looked to have turned a corner. Then made to play in the middle in a severnside derby with two players lacking fitness who never played a game for the club. You’d think we’d nurture young players a little better than that..
  5. Luton are winning at Birmingham..
  6. Luton are winning at Birmingham, and no points for Sheffield Wed today. Every cloud and all that..
  7. Our luck was going to run out at some point. This sort of result was on the cards
  8. Usually I’d agree with this, but you can’t blame him when we generally create nothing next to nothing for him game after game
  9. As gloomy and negative as it sounds, I said to my son after the increasing familiar abysmal performance at Derby, the QPR & Birmingham games are going to be big ones. We’ve an ultra tough February we’re only a quarter of the way through.
  10. ..Until we decided to play two players who’ve played zero football all season and one who had just showed a bit of form in the previous game in our midfield. Naive isn’t a strong enough word. Playing Mariappa at LB doesn’t help but wasn’t the biggest balance problem.
  11. 2nd Round FA Cup win the day after Tony Pulis left. Scott Murray at the double! Sep 2006, 0-1 win (Jevons goal I think) Bradley Orr in tears hugging half the away crowd at the final whistle. Emotions running high after getting sent off trying to head butt Louis Carey (away to Northampton?) and being sentenced to a month in jail for scuffle at a nightclub the previous year. Those games will live forever in the memory.
  12. The proposal makes me sick to the pit of my stomach. 3 years in the making and they wait until the EFL clubs are backed up to the edge of a cliff before showing their hand. It’s big business, it’s a power grab, and they’re striking when opposition is at its weakest. Football needs a reform but this definitely ain’t it. The wealthy bigwig yanks know diddlysquat about English football romance, and I’m not sure they’d care if they did. Leicester City gave a shot in the arm of hope to all clubs and fans across the football pyramid. Any flickering light of a similar scenario will be extinguished if this goes ahead. I can’t live without romance, and I’ll find it difficult not to turn my back on the sport if this gets the green light. Please let there be another way to safe guard our game.
  13. I can sometimes forgive a second or two of red mist, but that was a 15 second spell of looking for a fight. Idiot!
  14. Liam Walsh gets a special mention by our gaffer today. ‘We haven’t got anyone who can feed the forwards like Barry Bannan. We’re hoping Liam Walsh can be that kind of player for us next season’ Why exactly did you let him go out on loan then Lee, or recall him in January? Maybe it’s because Afobe was injured, Wells signed at back end of transfer window, so plan A was to continue to play hoof ball to Fam? Whatever his thinking was, when you start to contradict your own decisions, you know your losing the plot.
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