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  1. I'd rather sky just publish a list if which midweek games they are going to "red button" at the start of the season as it always seems to be quite late notice and Inconsistent.
  2. Is the Luton game on the red button this week?
  3. Generational though isn't it, already started seeing Man City shirts around in Bristol which is mental
  4. Wigan are there for the taking and Conway looks extremely good
  5. How on earth did he start out as a Centre-Back?
  6. Your right let's not discuss anything we aren't 100% factually sure of...mods please close the forum down
  7. Bentley Wilson Klose Naismith Atkinson Dasilva Scott Williams Weimann Conway Wells
  8. Are they letting us win just for the inconvenience of having to go to Burton?
  9. And is now being played in the Northern half of the draw? Surely we should have hosted the game instead?
  10. I think if we are in the bottom 3 by then of this month there will be real pressure on Nige, we have plenty of winnable games ( on paper obviously) in August including the two we have already lost so something will need to change before we start playing the better sides.
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