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  1. Difficult game to judge with the camerawork and standard of opposition but Alex Scott does look very promising
  2. I was thinking of it more from the other way that we would only be changing captain if Kalas is off anyway rather than the toys coming out the pram on his part. That being said if it was taken off him I can't imagine it would be a bit of a dent to the ego.
  3. If it's taken from Kalas I would imagine he will be leaving, I hope he stays personally and keeps the armband. Others may feel he isn't vocal enough but the likes of James doesn't need to be captain to use his voice.
  4. Is Louis Britton still with us?
  5. They would if they test positive wouldn't they?
  6. He was a penatly shoot-out away from a Knighthood and now people are suggesting we may be better off sacking him....unbelievable. He has got a lot more right than he has wrong in this tournament and we finally have a team we can believe in after the best part of a decade without having this, on top of this he is a genuinely nice guy with morals and principles that reflect well.
  7. Stupid question but is it too late to head anywhere in town on a first come first serve basis or are they already rammed?
  8. Interviewer: Nigel, is the sky blue? NP: I prefer not to focus on the colour of the sky.
  9. Their best player is probably their manager still, I understand that any opponent should be respected but this really should be a comfortable win
  10. Why were Stoke talking about us getting promoted?
  11. Schick goal to concede
  12. Agree with all of that, the 2004 team actually played as a team and Rooney was almost unstoppable. If he hadn't got injured in that Portugal QF I'm 90% sure we would have won that tournament. Two years later the "golden generation" was beginning to wane and Rooney went in to that World Cup injured and we've never really competed until 2018.
  13. Took us from the lower reaches of League 1, built and galvanised a team that worked hard and bought into a team ethic and nearly got us to the promised land. How anyone can say a bad word about him on this forum beggars belief.
  14. Despite this being our best team in 15 years I don't think we will get very far. We will easily get out of the group but given we are likely to face France or Portugal in the last 16 they will have too much for us. If we finish 2nd then we may go a round further but that will be it.
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