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  1. I've defended him on here plenty and still don't think he was the anti Christ he's made out to be in relation to his time here........but........that video is beyond cringeworthy.
  2. Difficult for Luton to moan about kicking the ball away before free kicks after their shithousery on Wednesday night.
  3. 100% agree, is he out of contract at the end of next season? If so then this really needs resolving before next summer, I'm sure we are talking to his representatives at the moment about an extension. Maybe he is waiting to see how this season plays out before committing but there will be serious interest before long.
  4. And they've been caught and will be sanctioned, I wouldn't want to see any club go bust personally as no fan deserves to lose their club (even Rovers)
  5. So they basically have one foot in League Two for the 23/24 season, what an absolute shambles that a club as well supported and significant as Derby can find themselves in that situation. I hope this only further highlights what a fantastic owner we have in Steve Lansdown.
  6. It is strange it never worked out at Stoke for him as his record at Luton is exceptional, if he were still there next time we are on the managerial hunt I would hope he is considered.
  7. Agreed but I don't think a home win is too far away in all honesty, it should have been last night or Blackpool and once the hoodoo is broken hopefully it gives the players a bit more freedom, Fulham and Bournemouth are going to be difficult but not impossible but the Forest game after that should be the one surely. As for our chance creation we are a million times better than last season so along as the improvement carries on I think we'll be fine.
  8. I would be happy bumbling along around where we are now (or maybe even a little lower) for most of this season to be honest as long as the performances keep improving as they have done since the summer. I would like to think that at some point towards the back end of the season we will go on a little run to finish strongly and give some hope and optimism that we will be stronger next season.
  9. You have a much better handle on this than me so I can only bow to your greater knowledge but there is no way that this "gamble" mentality wouldn't have been signed off by SL as an educated risk IMO, losing 18 months of your largest revenue stream will have obviously impacted on this and if the Webster deal was done 12 months later (i.e. after Covid hit) presumably the same quantity of players and therefore wages wouldn't have been re-invested in and the future balance sheet therefore wouldn't have been as loaded. Also could SL have agreed to it on the basis he could fund it (or account it in a cleaver way for FFP) in another way should it not work out which it now hasnt? Also Its probably not much of an argument but even with your analysis we can't be as badly positioned as a number of other Championship clubs so its not like we were being run compartively worse than our competitors? I suppose what I don't like about it that you've got a greater level of financial understanding and can make a case for why you believe MA was a bad CEO whereas the majority of people don't and simply abused him because he wore a suit, had a Brummy accent, spoke in "business speak" etc and act like he was the spawn of satan. We've been in far worse positions as a club in my time following yet never seen anyone who the majority of the fanbase actvely want to see fail so much. RE Pearson's summer "spending", from your points above, I cna't imagine the wage bill wouldn't have been substantially regardless of whever was here in the summer given the current circumstances and given we look like heading towards a mid-table finish on current form we haven't really been "set back years" at all.
  10. Yest they did under the guidelines set out for them by SL and also on the basis that there were large transfer fee's recouped along the way to pay for it, as for our current financial standing how much of that is down to MA and how much is down to Covid is a very blurred line but we still spent more on transfer fee's than the majority of the division this summer (especially if you take out the clubs on parachute payments) so I'm not sure we are comparitively worse off than anyone else. Improved contracts are also being handed out to the likes of Scott and apparently Pring despite there not necessarily being a need to in terms of expiry dates. I just find it all a bit strange and wearing that every time a positive performance or interview lands its instant met with "we would never have got this from LJ / MA" whereas that simply isn't true...were they perfect? Absolutely not but nothing is in life and that particular cycle had just run its course. I can't remember such vitriol and ill feeling ever being given to any other individuals in my time watching City despite us never having been a genuinely mid to upper table Championship club previously. IMO LJ went at the right time and at that point although we were showing signs of decline and performances hadn't been fantastic for a little while the whole club wasn't broken to the point it was at the end of last season...the Holden appointment that caused the issues and should never happened, we will probably never know who drove that decision. On the flip side I don't think we have "been set back years" and with Pearson at the helm I am hopeful that by the end of this season and definetley next we will be on an upward trajectory again.
  11. I personally agree with most of what you say despite the many who have since derided it, regardless of whether you are for or against though I do think that as a forum we really need to move on from MA / LJ as I struggle to find many threads where either of them aren't mentioned even now.
  12. I get that impression too, not seen too much of him but the bits that I have is very impressive. First team appearance this season may be on the cards?
  13. Root must be so fed up watching these collapses from the other end.
  14. Reckon Jimmy has his pads on already
  15. I agree thought we were 20 runs light but if Root bats through this session and only Hameed falls at the other end then this is still on.
  16. Its probably the best way to play it in fairness, England couldn't win this match in the morning session but they could definately have lost it. The other thing to factor in is if we lose this match we can't win the series which is the ultimate aim whereas a draw at least keeps it alive. Morgan also has some of the best ODI players in the world to gamble with, Root doesn't have this luxury.
  17. Malan very lucky there, he's stuggling with that rough against Jadeja.
  18. Hameed looking comfortable, I think as long as we are somewhere near 230 - 240 by tea with enough wickets in hand (6 at least) we will have a go at this.
  19. It may end up being best for both of them for the time being, JW avoids a career damaging 2nd loss to a previously unknown fighter and Lara can walk away with a big win and his rematch clause fulfilled albeit not conclusively. Warrington can fight Wood or Galahad given how easy it would be to make those fights and maybe win a world title back before going back in with Lara or moving up in weight.
  20. Or that the cutman opened it up rather than closed it
  21. Think he thought he may walk through him like the last fight, being made to miss very easily
  22. I know but they could have just put out a half assed show in a week or two with him as the headline rather than adding it to this. The thought did cross my mind, maybe he had to go at the lowest possible point for everyone's benefit
  23. He gets a lot of stick Eddie Hearn but he does put on some cracking cards. Conor Benn and Katie Taylor on an undercard just wouldn't happen anywhere else
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