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  1. A massive 797 of them for a trip up the road. It’s what they do.
  2. No improvement seen in organisation, style or application. Chris Wilder please.
  3. This is the sort of thing I used to do to them on football manager when I was bored. Sell everyone, play no keepers and stick all players on the wing. And now it’s happening in real life
  4. There are 3 teams in league 2 that have been in the premier league. 13 have been non league - rovers are one of them. Everyone’s cup final. Not likely.
  5. Barton actually said the game could have finished 15-13 to Rovers. Because that’s a result that is common in football? He’s bought right into them. How much more deluded can they become?
  6. Including pre season friendlies, Exeter hadn’t scored for 7 games in a row.
  7. Had a pasty. Not too bad but still confused by the sticker baked into it. Edible or not?
  8. TC saved our club and put the pride back into it. Had so many wonderful moments watching City under him. Promotion from div 4, the Hereford semi final and the dismantling of Bolton at Wembley to name a few. Simply a legend. We should rename this South stand after him.
  9. As much as I’d prefer Howe, we’ve messed this up so much that I fear we don’t have the time for Howe to come in and impose his style on us. So, Pearson it has to be just to get us out of this mess we are now in.
  10. The names of some of those trophies
  11. Had a similar offer but made the schoolboy error of telling the young lad where to go. Drove back to Bristol with half a windscreen missing.
  12. Am I missing something? Ref stops play when we have the ball. Gives a goal kick to them and they score. Not one of our players seem overly bothered or complain about it.
  13. Nearly broke my leg celebrating in the park end. Even after that night they all went mad complaining about how Superbob had given them the coffee handshake after the goal. Nothing ever changes with that lot.
  14. After the first guy shoots, instead of following up, he seems to decide to pull his socks up - incredible
  15. Wow. How the mighty have fallen! Whilst his mates are at Wembley, Drinkwater has the delights of the tented arena.
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