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  1. Might have to factor in that we may not be quite the pull that we have been recently. Whatever you think of them as players, the treatment of Szmodics, Palmer, Moore, Adelakun, Walsh and even Ryan Kent may make others think twice before joining.
  2. Exactly this. Magnússon got the same treatment. Hung out to dry after the 5-0 at Preston despite coming on when the game was already lost. Never sure of his place. Taylor Moore’s treatment is baffling too. With Palmer, he’s now backed into a corner because if he plays well, it’ll be a case of you should have done that ages ago. Yet he gives him 30 mins here or there whilst O’Dowda now plays regularly without producing. 12 months ago, it was him getting the same treatment. There is no logic.
  3. We failed again in January. Not replacing Pack and Brownhill with adequate replacements as Nagy had failed to deliver. Should’ve brought both Walsh and Morrell back. One was getting rave reviews and has just walked away with every award from the league one champions whilst the other was keeping Aaron Ramsey of Juventus out of the Wales side and yet we couldn’t find a way to use him here. Instead, we are now left with the thought that somehow Vyner may be used there because he looked good in training. We train against ourselves so no wonder it looks easy.
  4. This is just plain stupid. They've spent one day doing some digging and suddenly they're ready to host Sunderland in a field.
  5. Read this earlier and thought exactly the same. No love for Cardiff but were people really distressed by a few songs? Absolutely ridiculous.
  6. It’s definitely a debate worth having but once again, football becomes the focal point. The government failed to legislate properly on machines in betting shops and as for horse racing, an entire sport based upon betting. Without gambling it would just be one horse running faster than others. But then again, the elite are heavily involved.
  7. Just terrible. Thoughts with all the family. RIP x
  8. Ran all day today. Was winning headers deep into injury time. Gave his all. Funny how some people see the game differently.
  9. Just need one more goal to double their tally for the season.
  10. They are all at it. The cockman claiming they had half the support in a crowd of 6976. Deluded.
  11. And Bury have three games in hand...
  12. Rufus and Chaka Khan Ain't nobody Like Massengo Makes me happy Makes me feel this way Ain't nobody Like Massengoooooooooo I’ll get my coat...
  13. Only when he goes will some of our fan base suddenly realise what a good player he was. Huge mistake to sell him in my opinion.
  14. And also can’t release an away shirt in time for the start of the season.
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