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  1. He may not be ready / good enough but we will not know until he plays and he couldn’t make us any less of a threat! He will hopefully have the fearlessness to run at people and make things happen. Martin currently looks like a centre backs dream so I think we need to try something different. Maybe Wells and Weimann to start up front with Janneh or Bell off the bench.
  2. Would like to see Janneh on the bench at least as we are in desperate need of some pace.
  3. Given the money wasted on players, it baffles me why Lansdown has not used his money to create an elite recruitment department. Go and study how those sides that overachieve through good recruitment do it and identify the best person you possibly can to run it. It seems like a no brainer. Instead we’re nearly 20 years into Lansdown’s reign and we have a recruitment department made up of a small group of analysts / interns!
  4. Whether it’s a back 4 or 3 with wingbacks we have problems. From the games I’ve seen this season teams are targeting our full backs. Balls in behind Simpson and Vyner and taking advantage of Dasilva’s lack of height to get into our half easily and forcing Atkinson to get dragged in to competing for balls he shouldn’t need to. I agree we don’t have great options at RWB so it might have to be Semenyo who plays there (with the intention to stay as high as Laird played for Swansea last night). Not sure depth is an issue with the back 3, can always switch to a two if an injury occurs and have Vyner to play on the right of a 3.
  5. Think our weakness at both RB and LB could mean a switch to 3 at the back, especially next match against Cardiff, and at the minute I’d prefer Pring LWB.
  6. I’m judging him playing for us over 2 seasons in a team whose game plan is to not sit 11 men behind the ball and comparing his ability to what I expect a top championship midfielder to be like given that the poster I replied to suggested Nagy could play in the Prem.
  7. As far as we were stupid enough to buy him I’m there will be someone else who will do the same!
  8. I have never seen such a rose-tinted post about a player. A player of his calibre I can’t recall one game for us where he has stood out as anything special. Physically weak, not great on the ball, and good stamina but zero intelligence in terms of how to maintain shape.
  9. “I want to be able to make decisions based on just selecting who I think the best team is, rather than having that be hamstrung if you like, to use the wrong word, because of injuries”
  10. That has not helped my irrational hatred of Tom Curran.
  11. Looks an awful selection by Mr Negative so far. The two in midfield are outnumbered and running round like headless chicken.
  12. Mentally he looked totally shot by the end of last season. Hopefully he comes back full of confidence and we sign a dominating partner for him.
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