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  1. How very sad. RIP Lewis. Condolences to the family as well.
  2. Another good player gone. RIP Paul.
  3. Since the late 50's but tbh don't remember much about those days
  4. In 50 years of support this has to be one of the worst seasons that i can remember barring the relegtion era of the 80's of course. Think SL should take a huge part of the blame in my opinion as i feel he is not the best at appointing the right people at times. Good man tho wouldn't change him for the world, we could have worse. Champagne moment for me is the departure of Ashton and his friends, good riddance. He was part of our downfall in my view. Glad its over and looking forward to next season under Nige. He talks a good job and I just hope that he can put it in to practice. But who knows, at the end of the day this is Bristol City. Believe!
  5. Should never of been allowed to get this bad over the season. Embarrassing.
  6. Think our defence needs sorting in the summer. Too pedestrian for me.
  7. A couple of wins would be nice. 3 losses and who knows what would happen? But has he already agreed to stay tho?
  8. Chin up matey. Been a supporter for over 50 years so seen it all before. Roll on next season. Believe!
  9. Jury still out on NP for me. Can't keep blaming players. Wouldn't mind Robins tbh.
  10. RIP Your Royal Highness. Good egg always said what he thought. Upset a few people on the way
  11. Thanks Mark sorry that you may be leaving. You take this forum too seriously unfortunately, Its a forum and only represents the people that sign up to it and is not necessarily the views of the rest of the fans. Cheer up.
  12. Yep sorry my bad. Probably said squad, now you mention it.
  13. SL mentioned that they haven't met yet but plan to do so in the next few weeks. A bit like me buying from Amazon hope he's a good fit!
  14. Told us that Leroy was too nervous to come on. So left him on the bench apparently.
  15. Met him and his family in a bar in Sheffield on one of our away days a couple of seasons ago. Lovely chap they were celebrating his wife's birthday. Had a good chat and even a dance and a few drinks with his family. I wonder to this day what his wife thought of us 4 drunk Bristolians :laugh:. Made for a good weekend up there tho.
  16. Tele off and taking dog for walk. Good luck Nige.
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