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  1. When you look at his scoring record it's not exactly been phenomenal or record breaking anywhere he's been, Legia Warsaw perhaps being the exception. Regardless of his stats, or (in hindsight for me personally) his shortcomings, as a young lad, who was first taken to AG around 90-91 (with no firm allegiance to City at the time) he's probably the main reason I've been a fan ever since... He clearly had flaws (professionally and personally) but the fact he's still talked about now speaks volumes for the impact he made on so many, myself very much included. it may well be a heavy dose of pure nostalgia, viewed through three pairs of rose tinted glasses, but I loved him!
  2. Said it before...he's a Rolls Royce of a player at this level. Excellent signing.
  3. I do love this forum. Been kicking around on here since 2009 (which I know is a relatively short existence, irrespective of the exact platform, compared to some) and the vast majority of names and stories being bandied around feel very familiar, despite having no connection to anybody outside of these virtual walls and also due to being pretty low key personally. I did however play in one of those fans derby matches, years ago, reffed by GT, which was great fun. Plenty of opinions on here but one obvious piece of common ground is what makes it great. Despite the inevitable disagreements from time to time, every posters ambition (City fans obviously, there are of course exceptions with visiting fans) is ultimately the same.
  4. I thought there was an increased intensity and more organised nature to the press. I think this was also helped by AW playing more centrally and slightly withdrawn from Martin.
  5. Been thinking the same thing. Footballing centre back in the mould of Webster. Early days, but if TK sticks around, and he keeps developing, then it's only good news. Looks great business based on the start he's made.
  6. Have to agree. Rolls Royce at this level. Superb performance, high energy (something I wasn't necessarily expecting from him, had him as more of a Pack type sitter) and class to go with it. Faded a little towards the end but to be expected given the influence on the first 60-70 mins. Great signing. Model pro.
  7. Magicdaps


    Decent attendance and thoroughly enjoyed being back inside AG again. I found the atmosphere a little strange though, not quite as euphoric as I was maybe expecting. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't terrible but I was perhaps expecting something a little more upbeat given the circumstances. It felt like there was almost a collective nervousness, perhaps coupled with a hangover from last season, which left people with a sense of not knowing quite what to expect which could have contributed I guess. Also, I'll still never understand the mass exodus on 85mins, even less so after so long without being able to attend games. Just bizarre if you ask me. Still, great to be back though. COYR.
  8. Agreed. NP comments about Baker & Atkinson were more about them than Kalas, especially as they are both his signings. TK is an established international who shouldn't need a public vote of confidence, whereas Baker, perhaps justifiably, has his (availability related) doubters, and Atkinson is stepping up to a higher level. Nothing more than good man management for those who need, and will benefit from it the most. I have no idea what NP will decide on for Saturday, but if either don't start then these comments will help him manage the situation. If they both play, or as is inevitable, at least one of them plays, then they should be running through proverbial brick walls for him on the back of his public, and IMHO, very intentional, comments.
  9. Great from Kalas. Take the captaincy away from him and let him just defend.
  10. Great thread. CF, 6ft 3in target man. Somerset County league. No real pace but had a box of tricks and a lively right foot (left foot was for standing on) scored my fair share but probably made twice as many. Best goal was away at Timsbury, think David Platt against Belgium, WC 90, volley into the opposing corner as the ball dropped over my right shoulder. Took penalties my whole playing days, missed only one. Had to stop playing mid twenties due to dislocations to both knees so started managing the team I played for. 7 great years later, 2 promotions and one cup final. Loved it.
  11. Met him in town many years ago, bottom of Park St. He was at the back end of a night out on a Saturday and eating a pizza. I was by no means sober but remember him being a good laugh, friendly and happy to chat. Decent bloke, decent player, and as others have said, despite his obvious appetite for a few scoops he was a very likeable character.
  12. Totally agree about the Roberts criticism. What a complete pen15 that bloke is. Ayew is also pathetic, good player but my god he's a child when its not going his way. I actually think he's better than his brother but likes the big fish in a smaller pond dynamic. Gamesmanship and street smarts are fine in football and I'm glad that we appeared to have finally developed a few of our own with some basic time wasting and game management but it's amazing how some players behave. Truly embarrassing. I could have sworn that TK made a 1-3 gesture with his fingers to Ayew during that little bit of handbags (but didn't rewind it) which was simply beautiful
  13. Holden pre match comment:- "We’re in a tough part of the season, my energy is focused on making the best decisions for Bristol City, not for myself" I agree with the general sentiment about Holden. Good guy, out of depth, don't blame him for taking the opportunity etc... But I do wonder if he might hold his hands up at some point. Resignation is a rarity these days due to financial implications but I can see a mutual consent situation happening here. I've never been anti-Holden per se but this is hard to watch. We must be the least threatening team in the championship at present. On a different note it's hard to watch Fams City career fizzle out so pathetically. Former fans favourite to mere bystander. Never been the most gifted but always had truckloads of heart. He was playing tonight, presumably due to his experience and to mark Lucas João from set pieces Not sure if I blame him or the management for playing him to be honest.
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