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  1. Looks ready made for a DM role to me. Can pick a pass, read the game etc. but lacks the recovery pace to be last man. I expected more from him today but it was a strange game. Not really sure what to make of him or the overall performance at this stage.
  2. Welcome back Danny Wilson.
  3. What a great player. His time with us was short but he made more of an impression in that period than plenty of others who have made significantly more appearances than him over the years.
  4. Excellent signing. Impressive work by the club. Making me regret buying a season ticket a little less each day
  5. @Davefevs ? https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/job-vacancy-mens-lead-performance-analyst/
  6. Wow. Football has come a very long way since the magic sponge. I'd quite liked to have seen Busters reaction to all of this.
  7. Just sorted mine and my son's. We both had last season off but have been pulled back in again. Bloody Friday night beers. Here's to checking the T's & C's after 3 games to see if can get my money back
  8. Sad news. My brother once fitted some carpets for him which I thought was amazing when I was a kid given his status in darts at the time.
  9. Channel 861 - Red Button - Works! Sadly I've found it now.
  10. Is anyone successfully getting the game via red button? When I select the City game on the red button it shows the West Brom Cardiff match...
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