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  1. Could surprise a few this season, let’s hope he does. Refreshing attitude too.
  2. Clubs all drag things out now to build up tension & help drive social media metrics / reach. Bring back teletext
  3. Tweeting images of players training steadily from requests, wonder if they are gonna reply to the requests for Atkinson pics with an actual pic of him training
  4. I’ve heard this one is done. Source is normally quite a reliable too like ketchup, none of that burger Source malarkey. Trust the nugget.
  5. Yes & while he was here he was turd choice at times
  6. Rip the word third
  7. Leicester fans seemed to like him & credit him for their fitness / good player availability during the premiership title season & others
  8. It’s going to be a fun Summer on here. Hope the servers are ready F5 refresh this club
  9. Titanic 2 the movie exists & its shite. NP has the job. Look forward to the rebuild.
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