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  1. 'I think Dean will have to change it at half-time' blimey
  2. Can’t keep giving bad coaches good players, you end up with a bloated squad. Exactly what happened to the Bears with the Lansdowns bringing in Andy Robinson. Time for an F5 refresh, but a proper one sorry to say. These players are good enough even with the injuries this season, the football is so dull & naive.
  3. Didn’t SL want Gerrard? No idea if that was true but could see Lampard being tempting if that was legit
  4. LJ & DH are the Andy Robinson to Bristol Bears past. Signings won’t help this.
  5. Has a good right boot on him & solid penalty taker, doesn’t mind a header either but never uses his left foot!
  6. Would take Bilic over Howe, but think they’ll give Holden time unless we go near bottom 3. Dec & Jan very big Months!
  7. Seems like a great guy, always honest in interviews & likeable. Don’t want to see him fail, but we’ve rode our luck. Needs someone to take this team by the scruff of the neck on and off the pitch & give us some fight & drive. Holden promised exciting football, it’s not. The players look scared to pass forward. The schedule is tough for all teams. I hope it turns but if they haven’t started thinking about Howe etc I’d be concerned. Like the Bears, pick a decent manager & let them control it. Stop blowing money on compensation & wasted transfer fees, sit back & give a proven guy a chance. Abysmal football at the moment.
  8. No passion. No drive. No fight. That was absolutely abysmal. Hope for a reaction Tuesday, but from who? Bullied by a side that were streetwise.
  9. Yes QPR missed some chances, but we did too. Nagy x 2 chances making some great runs forward. Wells hitting the post. Bottom line is it wasn’t pretty but sometimes it won’t be & there’s a load of players to come back. Spot on tactics in 2nd half & another tree points.
  10. Blimey, the parachute payment thing is good. Promotion this Year could be worth well more than the £100m they always rave about. Interesting times, but uncertain times. West Ham finished where they are saying would be the play-off team last season, would certainly make it tasty.
  11. The Hargreaves foundation as someone has said does invest in sport & education to some degree. But it’s more for the disadvantaged, could never see it happening but it’s a great scheme, I know a local school that got some brilliant help.
  12. Ssstephen Sessssessegnon wears 43 for Fulham, it’s on lads
  13. Not sure if he’s similar to Hanson(mmmbop) / Hansen that Wells used to partner so well with a few years back
  14. I don’t think Holden had a say in those appointments at all! It’s all very shart worthy saying they’ve just met & happened in last few days. Maybe staff used to working under the FA won’t be bothered about interference & DH is just used to it. Fair play to Dean, he said the same thing in nearly every interview but you can see why they would have taken to him if he said ‘we never played Benkovic, Palmer. Stopped doing 352 etc vs say Houghton who would have a much less knowledge of our players and given an overall summary. Hardly fair really to assess someone who’s spent 4 years vs someone who would want to assess them
  15. Nugget


    The frustrating thing is that all these sound bites are exactly the same as when LJ was appointed. The ‘outstanding’ candidate etc.
  16. I guess Holden did play Benkovic, maybe KP too if not injured. Dropped O’Dowda & did 352
  17. This has to be boll#cks *prepares bedsheets*
  18. They are pretty open about how they work with the salary cap. Some astute signings at Championship teams on lower salaries, players not getting opportunity at their clubs for good value (Thacker etc) plus the odd marquee signing. Pat is pretty hands on with it & is one of the reasons they didn’t get Genge despite Genge saying on the phone to him ‘but for £500k you get the best prop in the prem Bab’ he doesn’t believe in overpaying players apart from unless they are really worth it, not just on the pitch, the culture etc. I’d be extremely surprised if it’s Bris
  19. Still reckon there’s a twist in the tale yet! Proper weird goings on, see what tomorrow brings
  20. Why was the drone up today with the media dept working on something? Yet DH is taking his tome to mull over. I’ve been told, still, to expect an announcement tomorrow (Saturday).
  21. Was told an announcement likely to be tomorrow earlier but with betting suspended may accelerate it to tonight, but it’s happened before
  22. If Hughton does still come here, they gotta back him, let him do his thing & step back. No point appointing him but giving a load of weird restrictions, you aren’t actually getting CH then. Externally yes, but it would be setup to fail from the start and DH would make more sense in that regard.
  23. Perhaps it extends beyond transfers & into other things like team selection suggestions (interference) too
  24. They know about the first banner 100% the arrogance is outstanding
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