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  1. During Coppell’s short time with the club & it has been well publicised he had some issues with similar goings on at other clubs like Man City. Do you think he was not fully aware of the input from those above, the David James signing for example may have put his nose out of joint & thought bugger this & walked?
  2. If Holden appointed but allows budget for a top notch signing alongside would you take it? Vs Hughton and having to work with what we have?
  3. Gregor’s job is to get people to click and view the articles. He’s deffo doing that! If the club are giving nothing away he’s got a job to do still & at least it gives us all something to talk about. You do have to take nearly all of it with a pinch of salt & read the wording carefully, it’s no more news than you get reading here. It’s just because it’s from a publication which in these days we are sometimes the journalists for the journalists - embedding tweets etc. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome. Gut feeling is Gregor may have pushed it too far with yesterday’s article & now they are saying no second interviews etc as they’ve seen the backlash and don’t wanna lose CH / another when they may have made the decision. who knows the bed sheets may have just saved the day
  4. Massive opportunity now with Fulham gone too
  5. Just feels like he’ll already be starting with a portion of the fanbase against him due to previous association. Why is it that the fans could see that this was finally the chance to have a proper refresh & create a true statement of intent & just inject some belief back into the fan base that they want to give it a bloody good go.
  6. I really want to photoshop Dean Holden, Macca etc onto a backstreet boys poster now
  7. Could still be something contractual eg after tomorrow the season technically ends, youd imagine they make play off final date the real end of season date...... perhaps that is a cut off for some former payout / compensation etc
  8. If it is cook the food puns will keep us going for the next few seasons... plus he does serve up good football, not sure if he’s ever been sacked (potato) either
  9. Wraps, I see what you did there
  10. CH done and dusted ages ago, players already knew before their break, just can’t be announced til after July, but he’s been busy behind the scenes signing loads of players & it’ll be announced with the kit the above is not true as far as I know, but the way this past few weeks have been something fishy is going on
  11. Gotta wonder if August 1st / a new month has some sort of contractual impact even from a past employer. I also agree if it were an accident surely if it’s a novice googling him they would just use his wikipedia or something of previous clubs
  12. Wonder if a new manager needed to approve this or if it’s a MA call
  13. Sam Morsy captain for next season?! Lovely jubbly alongside Walsh.
  14. Set myself up for that response to be fair
  15. I’ve been told there could be an announcement this week, I know that’s pretty vague but I’m aware of discussions about how the appointment is to be announced (eg on the roof) have happened. Not very juicy sorry, but I will try to find out more once known. I asked if Hughton, but they don’t know..... yet. I guess what im trying to say is there may be closure on this soon
  16. When betting companies stop taking bets on things - for example a new manager. Is that because they have inside info or some very large bets have been placed on that person in quick succession?
  17. Seem to remember talk of LJ doing a presentation ahead of this season to the board saying there was a real opportunity to go for it as a weakened championship... can’t remember exactly where that was posted, hence the backing in the transfer market this season. If Villa stay up, with Leeds going up too, you’d have to think it’s a great opportunity for the season ahead on paper as others have said. Hate aside Villa down would be lovely but they would be right up there again with top players.
  18. True, but possibly a weaker Championship with Watford down than Villa if it stays that way
  19. Stuck £25 down a few weeks back, pretty good odds if it unlikely comes off
  20. Take it game by game. If Swansea lose vs Leeds it’s going to make it very interesting
  21. Got an eye for a good player, some good names here. Also signed Maenpaa back in the day and got Kane on loan from spurs with his contacts, good little site this for getting a feel for what sort of style player a manager goes for https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/chris-hughton/spielertransfers/trainer/2654/plus/0/galerie/0?station_id=102488
  22. Reading some of the posts that was what I was thinking when posting the question .... developing neglected players from the league below, creating a clear identity & culture for players to express themselves yet stay within the plan. What Pat achieved with Connacht was outstanding, but he has literally installed the same principles at Bristol... it's exactly what SL asked him to do (& I think the reason Pat decided to join aside from the money if I remember reading that).... it's crystal clear what the strategy is and everyone buys into it. I guess Ranieri at Leicester is the recent football equivalent, but perhaps there is someone in a league below or abroad that is doing similar things building that reputation up.... obviously it's a different structure to compare against but as the post above say man management isn't.... I think it's exactly what's needed when the time comes to refresh things and SL would hopefully be thinking this based on the Bears success.
  23. Realisitcally. if Steve Lansdown were to go for the football equivalent of Lam one day, who would it be?
  24. Yeah I hear you, I’m probably the only person thinking that. I remember hearing a story about a fan hiding in a players house that wanted an autograph but hid in a cupboard for hours!
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