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  1. I have to say I totally agree with this and all season this has been apparent. I’ve got to say with players we recruit. How is it that they start their first few games looking to have great potential or different class, then after time get steadily worse, lose confidence and play “unnaturally”? When Nagy first played he was taking passes, intelligent give and go’s, kept the ball moving. Thought he looked the real deal. Same as Massengo. Came on second half against QPR, broke up play and then MOVED into space into the box and got on the end of a ball with a with a diving header. They both
  2. I’ve paid my season card in full, so can’t be to do with direct debit payments.
  3. Yep, I’ve received the email for a total of £15.51 GBP.
  4. No you get out of mine... Great minds and all that
  5. I can’t stand players feigning serious injury to stop the flow of the game. I thought the rules were game to be automatically stopped if head injury or very obvious serious injury. More and more teams do this and it is now embarrassing to watch some of these antics. If a player goes down and is deemed serious enough for ref to stop game, then they should not be allowed back on for 5 minutes. This would allow for genuine serious injury to be attended, or if they are just a cheating git they might (or the manager might) think twice about down so easy and feign injury. I would also like the
  6. John Galley Gerry Gow Chris Garland Bob Taylor
  7. Same. This sums it up for me. Been supporting since my Dad took me down the Gate start of season 1966-67. There seemed to be real progress during that Cup run period, 2 years ago, including in the league. A desire to play exciting high energy, high press football. A template for a real playing style and identity. Everything now feels stale. The club seems like it needs a real shot in the arm to get it going again.
  8. Personally think he has run out of ideas. Wanted him gone after Brentford, but... having thought about this, I think he should be given to the end of the season and assess where we are then. We are 2 points behind the play off positions, give him the LAST CHANCE to turn things around. Meanwhile, the club should be looking at potential replacements that fit what they see will suit their aspirations (I assume getting to the Prem asap with good football on offer). If LJ doesn’t hit the playoffs this year and their is no real change in quality of overall performance then he should go at the s
  9. I think as some others have said, being a loan signing, both clubs must be getting independent reports on injury to look at liabilities, legal issues and implications to what happens to remainder of the loan. Does he go back to Stoke or stay with City, who is liable for remainder of loan contract, insurance details, etc. Whatever the outcome, got to get behind whoever replaces him. Without doubt it would be a huge blow if this rumour is true, but far too early to say the season is over.
  10. £13 for two pasties and two cokes. Couldn’t use season ticket discount because they haven’t arrived yet. Yep, pub it is from now on...
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