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  1. Is the Club providing a free live stream again?
  2. Or good enough unfortunately
  3. It’s a good point, given our injuries, covid etc and against a team that will be right up there. I’ll take that every day of the week. We have found some real grit and determination
  4. Agree. Not at the moment, not over a 46 match season. Too many mistakes in them, Moore in particular unfortunately.
  5. Very pleasing for Moore and us. Step in the right direction - hopefully onwards and upwards for the young man
  6. I agree with a few comments on here re: Taylor. I watch from afar, and maybe he needs more opportunity, but I do not think he has it. If I was in charge, I couldn’t “trust” him unfortunately. Whilst he can do some nice things, theres too many mistakes in him. Really hope he proves me and others wrong.
  7. You’ve done him proud mate. Condolences and all the best
  8. Beering up again Oz? Cheers from Melbourne
  9. Pretty much what I’ve been told by someone close to one of our boys out on loan.
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