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  1. It’s an interesting idea. However, I do see a potential snag. As I understand it, the aim would be to avoid striking the elephant? There would, I think, be a problem in games involving Bristol Rovers, that could only be solved by putting an entire herd of elephants on the pitch. Otherwise, it would bestow an unfair advantage on them since, as is well known in the game, they couldn’t hit an elephant at close range.
  2. Probably been said already in this thread, but young Brennan Johnson looks a prospect.
  3. Right, sorry, got you. Took it as meaning the opposite of what you intended.
  4. Really? I don’t quite see how you reach that conclusion. You’re seeing a different game from the one most of us are watching.
  5. No more than Sunderland deserve, really. I watched the first leg. It was tight, not a lot between the two sides. Imps a shade fortunate to come out of it two goals up. Sunderland hit the woodwork twice, Lincoln go up the other end and score, then get another gift of a goal. I decided there and then to watch today, knowing that an early goal for Sunderland would make it an exciting game. No agenda. Not pro or anti-LJ. Just like “proper “ English football, as opposed to watching that bunch of overpaid tarts in the PL. Don’t mind who wins, though I think Lincoln will get murdered if they go up. HT 2-2. Cracking second half in prospect.
  6. That's what they all say...
  7. Yeah? Old git, round glasses, flat cap, long dirty raincoat, trousers with turn-ups and bicycle clips; furtive manner, like he's up to no good. That sound about right?
  8. Thanks, Tone, that's good advice. I just peeked out through my curtains and there's this weird bloke outside, prowling about. I think it might be Robbored...
  9. All very well for you. I’ve just been labelled a “collaborator “, which is slightly disturbing. Didn’t they used to shoot people like me during the war? Does it mean I’m suspected of being a covert member of Rovers ‘ fans forum?
  10. Apparently I'm now "Very Popular". News to me. I bet my old lady would have something to say about that...
  11. With you on that one. I can think of one person who deserves a category all to himself...
  12. I do take your point Graham, and you make a persuasive case. Slightly off-topic, in a way, but very much related, is the question of recruitment. If, as you suggest, eight players may leave the club, others will have to be brought in, even if it's not deemed necessary to find direct replacements for all eight. Successful squad development is usually a process of evolution, rather than revolution - a medium to long term process that requires planning. If MA has been the main man behind that, then regardless of whether one thinks he did a good job or not, the question arises as to how prepared we are for a rebuilding exercise on this scale. The Ipswich thing didn't happen overnight. I would imagine Ashton has known for quite a long time that he probably wouldn't be here next season. Under those circumstances, and given that most people believe MA's first priority is always MA, how much work do you suppose he put in to drawing up a list of targets that might replace those to whom we decided not to offer contracts? One suspects he will not exactly have flogged himself to death on our behalf, with (allegedly) a lot of his energy already focused on his next project.
  13. You’re absolutely right, SS, to be worried about the leadership vacuum at boardroom level. It’s the most important issue facing the club right now. Always respect your opinion, Graham, but my comments were based, as I said, on remarks made by Pearson himself. Of course, that becomes largely irrelevant if he doesn’t stay, but even so, twelve players OOC is hell of a lot to let go at once, especially when the outlook in the transfer market is so uncertain, post-Covid. We’ll see, I guess...
  14. I fear you may be disappointed, if you’re hoping that members of the existing squad will be leaving in droves, to be replaced by a bus-load of new signings. Pearson himself has as good as said that, in the current circumstances, this is not a realistic possibility. There will be changes, for sure, if Pearson stays, but I seriously doubt the “clear-out” that many are calling for will actually happen. At the moment, I’m more concerned about who the manager is going to be next season, and who will oversee player recruitment. SL seems to be in no hurry to make any announcement on either issue, which some of us find slightly ominous, after last summer’s fiasco. The importance of those two appointments probably outweighs that of re-shaping the squad, when it comes to determining the club’s prospects for next season.
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