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  1. Watching second half and haven't seen anything to make me think Cardiff are anything to write home about. This phase of the game almost totally controlled by Brum, who are nothing special themselves. Something to note, perhaps, is that Cardiff live dangerously times in and around their own box, when trying to play out from the back. Got away with it so far, but pressure from a disciplined pressing side could easily force an error.
  2. Oh dear. Major senior moment there, I’m afraid. Embarrassing, but thanks for straightening that out for me.
  3. Yes, outstanding individual effort from Gyokeres looks like it will give Coventry a point they barely deserve, but it doesn’t disguise an indifferent performance. The introduction of KP doesn’t seem to have made much impact.
  4. You may well be right, based on what we’ve seen of them today. They’ve been a bit more dominant second half, but still look toothless up front. It’s been quite a physical battle and Sunderland have come out of it better in that regard. Will be interesting to see how we stand up to them next week. They’re a handful, with the likes of Batth and McFadzean. Could be quite good fun watching how Chris Martin handles himself up against those two.
  5. Coventry were quite impressive last season, which initially surprised me - I had underestimated them. So far, however, they look pretty mediocre in this game. Had their fair share of possession, but not done a great deal with it. Don't look particularly dynamic and seem ill at ease with Sunderland's pressing. Also giving the ball away regularly with sloppy passing. All in all, Sunderland well worth their one goal lead.
  6. You’ve lost me there. Care to explain?
  7. I’m glad you posted this. It makes me feel slightly less of a berk for my hasty comment after 10-15 minutes, at which point it all seemed a bit frantic to me. It’s true that Burnley have owned the game since then, and all credit to them for that, but some of it is down to the fact that Huddersfield buckled in the face of it. Be interesting to see if they can respond second half. (This was posted in response to Stevieneville’s comment about the pace of Burnley’s approach, by the way.)
  8. You bastard. That’s completely out of order.
  9. Yes, somewhat awkwardly for me. Since I typed my post above, they have taken complete control of the game. Must learn not to be so premature, as many of my past girlfriends would doubtless agree.
  10. Yes, quite a lot, thanks, having been a City ST holder for decades.
  11. Bit underwhelmed so far. Frenetic. Being played at 100mph, but very little composure. Only a quarter of an hour gone, so “early doors “, but not a lot of quality on show in the opening exchanges. (IMO, of course...) (And naturally, just as I post that, Burnley score a well-taken goal).
  12. Only started watching just before Scott came on. I would say England have been clearly the better side since then. Alex has been very good. The tackle I just witnessed by an Italian player that provoked a bit of a ruckus deserved a red card. They have been very niggly. Great comeback. Deserved win.
  13. So Cardiff fans will be a bit disappointed, then? Shame, couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.
  14. Tough on James, but you can also see why the decision was given. Can be argued both ways. 50:50
  15. I actually think Adam’s played quite well.
  16. I think he’s had a very good game.
  17. Either way, not great is it? Adults setting an example for a future generation? I’ve done a bit of traveling, but never visited Hungary. Doesn’t exactly make you want to go, does it?
  18. Very conspicuous lack of pressing from Hungary when England have possession at the back. An early indication as to the type of game we can expect?
  19. Thanks guys. Nice to know I’m not alone. Yes, Bellingham, in particular, will be interesting.
  20. Logged in and was surprised to see nobody has started a thread. Somebody out there must be watching. Anybody...?
  21. Anyone with close ties to Hun Sen deserves to be regarded with extreme suspicion. The man presides over an odious, repressive and profoundly corrupt regime. The title 'Prime Minister' is misleading. He is effectively a dictator. When I travelled in Cambodia, I stayed briefly in the capital, Phnom Penh. On the second day, a small gathering of workers from the textile industry staged a peaceful protest against poor pay and conditions, as compared with those of similar workers in neighbouring Vietnam. Several of the protesters were unceremoniously gunned down by the PM's personal guards. As far as I know, nobody was ever brought to justice for these summary executions. It will be interesting to see how the EFL reacts to the news that BCFC have (allegedly) failed to disclose that Wang is a significant shareholder with close association to the Cambodian regime. If past performance is anything to go by, they'll procrastinate in deafening silence for months on end and then do absolutely bugger all. I know nothing at all about Wang, other than what I've just read above, but judging from the company he keeps, having him on your register of shareholders is not a good look.
  22. Maybe. Depends who with...
  23. I remember. back in the day, coining a phrase about exactly this culture, when GL was manager, his brother was chief scout and his son was a player. I said that the time that the mentality was that of a corner shop proprietor. Now we have something that resembles a slightly larger enterprise - perhaps a small department store, say - a mostly absent proprietor and his son at the helm. Nothing much has changed, fundamentally, has it?
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