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  1. Tough on Wigan, they have some great fans. Happy memories of Springfield Park and the time we played them in the top flight. At least that was according to the matchday programme that claimed the fixture was in Division One.
  2. This match against Wigan went ahead on the scheduled date. Apparently we were playing in the top flight. According to the programme it was a First Division match. The Rovers City 2nd May 1990 match had the original fixture date 3 February 1990 on the match day programme as they were too tight to reprint.
  3. News from Holland, government set to approve starting date for the Eredivisie, top league, on September 11. This will follow the UEFA Nations League international fixture round. Crowds will be permitted with a maximum crowd of one third capacity. Chanting and singing will not be permitted to reduce risk. French government have given the green light for crowds of up to 5,000. The direction of travel is clear. The message was previously no large crowds before a vaccine is available to the wider public. Don’t expect any early announcement but the English authorities will closely monitor the
  4. Massengo is class. He is young and developing. There is no question about his skill and technique. Match awareness and physique will come, as will the first goal. Blackburn took him on physically and the ref did him no favours. It was not a game for skill to easily win the day. I am happy to pay to watch him. If you are looking for future big transfer fees to come in I would rate him as a top prospect. I understand the frustrations but I am 100% behind him. COYR
  5. Did you know? That Ajax logo consists of eleven lines of different lengths. Each line represents one of the players, each different and without any one line the logo does not look right. It is a design classic. Most Ajax fans don’t know about it.
  6. They sold the original matchday programme printed for the 3 February fixture on the night. The font size for the Team Talk must have been the smallest in any matchday programme I have seen. I recall very bad traffic on the A4 on the way to the game. At one stage an ambulance had to fight its way through, tailgated by a car with some very animated City fans inside. At the ground I remember there was a very senior City fan, who was the size of a jockey, who had come on the official coaches and could not find his ticket. He went to every away game and always wore his suit which would have been wh
  7. It is only a suggestion ... Stopping the season leaves a lot of TV money on the table at a time when the clubs need the cash Playing all the games would not come over as being responsible. A shortened post season would enable TV cash to be secured. The French solution is to add to the points total the points already claimed off the teams already played. We would get 0 points for our remain fixture with Blackburn and 3 points for our Stoke game etc... this would still leave us behind Preston
  8. EFL post season proposal In case League One and League Two are cancelled relegations and promotions in those divisions will be based on sporting merit. Relegation from the Championship can follow the same sporting merit determination. With over 100 fixtures still to played in the Championship it may not be safe, smart or necessary to complete the league. Stoke City vs Birmingham City v Stoke for instance is not a fixture that needs to be played. There is significant TV money at stake and the promotion issue needs to be fairly determined. The format below will enable a managea
  9. Now I have some time in my hands ...... I have several boxes of old programmers in the attic, probably over 1,000. I would like to give them a proper sort and make sure they are well stored. Has anyone attempted such a project before? If so I would like advice on the following: - How to sort and store - How to create a filing system Complexities are: The earliest programme is from the 70s, 90 percent are City games. In more recent times there are as many away games as home games. There are also a number of specials, FA Cup finals, Souvenir editions and signed programme
  10. Dutch league decision is subject to appeal. While the decision works well for Willem II it is tough on Cambuur. Happy Kings Day to those from Holland. Blijf veilig iedereen.
  11. Rochdale December 82, three years earlier we were in contention for Europe. In front of some 40 away fans we conceded the only goal of the game in the dying minutes to go 92nd. Tony Harling RIP sang a solo rendition of “We’ll win again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know some sunny day we’ll win again”.
  12. I would be happy if City did this. Sign me up https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8172921/amp/Borussia-Monchengladbach-supporters-group-stands-50-000-PLASTIC-cut-outs-real-fans.html
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52176562 All clubs are back in training. Germany is ahead of the UK in terms of the progression of the virus and are better resourced in terms of testing. La Liga boss referred to the possibility of a May resumption of La Liga. English league won’t be the first back, nor will it be the last stay safe everyone
  14. No tackling due to social distancing. There may be live football before too long in Germany.
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