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  1. I wasn't at the game today or did not watch it so just caught up with the highlights on Sky Sports. Can anyone at the game tell me why both teams change their kits for a brief period in the second half? https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/12546361/bristol-city-2-1-middlesbrough The Sky Sports highlights are often shocking and seem to miss out goals on a regular basis.
  2. Which interview with NP are you referring to? I saw the official club interview on Twitter and was a bit disappointed that he didn't lay into the referee a bit more!
  3. Coppello


    I can't read the name Keith Millen without shuddering since the OSIB interview @Shtanley and @petehinton. The camera angle from the videoclips you uploaded to twitter still scares me. I'm still not sure if I'm watching a fake sheikh stitch up or he thinks he's on webcam to a hot single girl who is available in his area.
  4. Without sounding dramatic, I think that's one of the worst games of Championship football I've been to; not just from City but from Millwall too. It felt like neither team were ever going to score from open play and there was a real lack of urgency and quality from both sides. I took a couple of mates with me who are neutrals and I feel bad asking £28 for the tickets. Our midfield move the ball far too slowly and Martin was ponderous up front. I think we really missed Massengo tonight who seems to be the only player who can really move us up the pitch quickly. The only positive moment of the evening was Afobe clapping the City fans and putting his hand on his heart. What I'd do to have him back in the side!
  5. If you do not collect from Ashton Gate, they put your tickets on a coach and it will then be available for collection at The Den. I'm also London based and have to collect my tickets for the Millwall game. Hopefully it won't be like the QPR game - the coach carrying the tickets was stuck in traffic and they were not available for collection 30 minutes before kick-off. The poor bloke in the QPR box office had to phone to City representative carrying the tickets on the coach to confirm the ID and seat number of all of the people in the queue and then had to reprint them!
  6. I've just bought three tickets and noticed that there's still 1300 left. We usually take a decent following to the London games (even midweek) so hopefully there will be a few more sold over the next week. As a side note, I was just looking at the Millwall squad and noticed that Fielding was let go at the end of the season. It's not too surprising given his time in London, the injuries and the comments on OSIB but I hope he can find a club soon. He's a good bloke and would be a decent signing for a League One side.
  7. In the latest instalment of nepotism by Mark Ashton, he’s appointed his son Jacob as First Team Recruitment Analyst at Ipswich. Not a bad contact to have that’s for sure!
  8. Good write up as always @Olé. The Dasilva chance was odd and obviously won't make the highlights as there was no shot but it looked like it was a relatively easy header at the back post and should've scored. Another slightly frustrating moment was the 2 v 1 break away where Semenyo and Massengo with the former rifling his pass to Han Noah who could understandably not bring it under control. There were a few decent openings today where we got in behind their defence but our final ball was a bit poor or our hesitancy to shoot cost us. Perhaps we were slightly fortunate but I don't think we were as lucky or it was as much of a smash and grab as some people have made out. We always looked like we could counter and create a chance as it was quite an open game. It was a fantastic away day and an even better three points.
  9. Coppello


    He didn’t celebrate and signalled with his hands to his teammates to calm down but he was laughing and was clearly elated. I thought he was excellent today even before the goal and the best I’ve seen him play for quite a while. His touch was fantastic and he brought the ball down so well on a number of occasions. Martin was poor again today so hopefully we can bring out the best in Wells alongside Weimann.
  10. ‘Pre-assist’ is a ridiculous term but Massengo’s for the first goal today was ridiculous. Intercepted the ball at the edge of our box, quickly offloaded the ball and received it again just before the halfway line. Then ran down the wing to cut it back to Weimann who offloaded it to Martin. He did all of the work but it doesn’t count as a goal contribution.
  11. As I was arriving at the ground today and hadn’t read the team sheet, I saw Matt Parsons coming out to chat to Tanner’s family. He asked them (and there was about 10 of them) how they were feeling and they said ‘nervous’ but you could tell they were all buzzing. They were all beaming from ear to ear Onto his performance, I think he was a bit scared to make a mistake and it was a very risk averse performance and didn’t really push on too much. He had a couple of nice touches and made a fantastic last ditch tackle towards the end of the game to keep it 1-1. There’s no doubt a lot more to come from him but it was a steady debut for a player who wasn’t expecting to play just yet.
  12. I said this at the time. I don't particularly rate Jack Hunt but given our limited budget and the risk in finding a replacement, I thought it made more sense to keep him.
  13. I'm not sure. I think he's been very unlucky not to get more game time at Chelsea. He scored 15 Premier League goals in his first full season at Chelsea (2019/20) and scored 6 last season without getting much of an opportunity. His goals per 90 of 0.52 was better than Giroud (0.48) and Werner (0.21) and was therefore the best in the squad. If you think a Championship striker who has scored 20 league goals now goes for £20m (see Maupay/Watkins/Benrahma), £30 million is probably fair.
  14. I’m not sure that’s fair on Harry Kane? He’s been one of the best strikers in the world for a number of years and doesn’t have a trophy to show for it. He’s outgrown Spurs, is 28 so it’s becoming a case of now or never.
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