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  1. I’m still hoping/buying into the smokescreen theory that has been posted on here several times. The theory that Gregor is being played by the club to manage the fan’s reaction when a lesser name than Hughton is announced. Now that Holden has been fed to the fans, if the club announced Neil/Cook everyone will be pleased it’s not Holden.
  2. Mark Ashton on the 8th of July: "I've been involved in this process on a number of occasions in my career and it is a challenge, let's be clear," Ashton said. "When I left the ground here on Saturday night, having spoken to Lee, Dean (Holden), staff, players, there were a number of people calling, almost offering their condolences because they were sad to see we made the change. "But at the same time, the phone starts with coaches, managers, people representing those coaches and managers who see Bristol City as a fantastic opportunity, a fantastic job and a club that has real pot
  3. My views align very closely with @downendcity’s post. The whole thing is a shambles but I wouldn’t expect anything else from the EFL.
  4. Yes it would be. Similar to a transfer fee of a player.
  5. Hang on. Are we talking about Chris Hughton, Bob Houghton or Matty Taylor on this thread?
  6. Is today the day or do we need the weekend to sleep on it before putting the contestants through to the judges house?
  7. I keep thinking we’ve seen everything in this ordeal. However, the rational side of me talks back:
  8. This did cross my mind earlier. The administrators are quite rightly not football people and are there to keep the company afloat and to raise as many funds as possible to repay creditors.
  9. If Dean Holden gets the job, I'm not going to another City game until at least October.
  10. The Post gets a lot of criticism but Gregor only appears to tweet what he genuinely believes to be true. For example, he was went against the grain when there were national press outlets such as Talksport saying he'd agreed a deal. He went on to say that nothing was close which seemed a little odd at the time. He was the first to report on Paul Cook which has since been piggy backed but a lot of other journalists. It's difficult to get information out of the club at the moment judging by the lack of rumours but he appears to be doing a decent job.
  11. Why? His record since the early 2000s is a little odd and mainly in international management in Asian countries: 1997–1999 China 2000 Shanghai Pudong 2001 Sichuan Quanxing 2002–2003 Zhejiang Greentown 2005 Uzbekistan 2005–2006 Changsha Ginde 2006–2011 India Surely we can do a bit better than Bob Houghton?
  12. Looks like they’ve had a few shandies with the Derby County lot. Hope Keogh and co won’t be driving them home.
  13. As soon as any new poster mentions they've got a PhD, it's time to bring out the ban hammer.
  14. That's consistent with what I have read elsewhere so it is surprising. I am with you on the excitement point. From a vanity perspective, I would like a manager to elevate the profile of this club somewhat. I feel like we've taken the club to a new level and City should be seen as a more fashionable club. However, I appreciate that he has done a remarkable job with Wigan and the stories of him personally ringing all of those made redundant is fantastic.
  15. The VAR referees are allowed to overrule the goal line technology in the event it fails. It's obviously a monumental cock up by Hawkeye but Stockley Park is also there as a fail safe for the technology (technology in football protecting other technology in football!). Similar to any other incorrect on-field decision, the VAR referee should have announced that they were reviewing it despite the ball being in play. The supposedly objective Hawkeye technology failed as the result of the cameras being obstructed by the players in the box and the post. Apparently this was a freak event which
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