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  1. I personally think that we aim for a lead of 300 (which may be slightly ambitious!). We should hopefully able to skittle them out in one and a half rain-affected days.
  2. I was listening to the cricket on the radio earlier and they mentioned this. Apparently a number of clubs are appealing for the league system to be reviewed so only a single club gets relegated each year. It certainly keeps it interesting having two relegation places and makes the Second Division worthwhile.
  3. Until the games finish this afternoon and we'll be back in the relegation zone.
  4. The true Somerset way of doing this would be for there to be a 200 run partnership somewhere in the lower mid order followed by some rain. Please prove me wrong!
  5. Absolutely shocking. How many more times can we get ourselves into a winning position to then crumble?
  6. That's quite interesting. I had no idea they would get paid anywhere near as much as that.
  7. Aside from dot balls I don't know what I want! Do we want a wicket? Breaking this partnership could be good but then I guess they will swing at everything anyway.
  8. There is no way Somerset will win. If Yorkshire draw they finish 3rd, if they lose they'll be third. They will fight until death.
  9. I have no idea what lead Middlesex need to aim for? 250?
  10. I saw that it was around £15k per player for coming second. Any idea what it is for winning?
  11. All out - well done Somerset. We've done all we can!
  12. First time since living in London that I genuinely wish it was pissing down here.
  13. Hildreth has fractured his ankle and is therefore unlikely to bat again.
  14. I'm a bit disappointed about the decision to not enforce the follow on. With the weather not predicted to be too great over the next couple of days I'd much rather have seen us bowl again.
  15. I went to school with Leachy, great bloke and was good at cricket but never realise he'd make it this far! It is farcical that he hasn't been selected. If Batty has a cracking tour and takes a load of wickets so what? He's going to retire the following season. The whole thing is a sham.
  16. Absolutely cracking win! I really don't think Somerset are up to much this year though.
  17. http://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/10264476/bristol-city-4-0-huddersfield
  18. Somerset to announce a new signing at 6am tomorrow. Australian player I presume?
  19. Le Tissier is watching the game in the SSN studio - hopefully they'll have regular updates.
  20. They're making quite a big deal about this one. If it were Bristol City it would be us announcing that season ticket holders can get £3 off calendars in the club shop. Henry Gayle for another few games next year?
  21. Has anyone got a decent stream for the fight tonight? For the Pacquiao fight earlier in the year I used something called AceStream. Anyone know how to get a torrent for the Joshua fight to put into the program?!
  22. Just in case anyone fancies reliving the whole 90 mins... https://vimeo.com/144270593
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