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  1. Re Duff, his mentor is…. Cotts - small world…
  2. Yep Baker will have insurance, which pays out based on expected earnings after the point at which his injury forced him to retire. Based on what he has earnt to date in his career, it’s likely a big sum. No sugar coating how gutting it is for him tho, feel for him, what a huge blow if it is true.
  3. Such a talent, at times for us I think he was underrated in terms of how good he was, and the level he played at, for a good 12-18 months. Shared a few drinks with him in Pam Pams over the years, really funny guy - but couldn’t help but think his social life held him back from being elite.
  4. This is so true, hamer etc from their team take the booking and stop the attack. But that’s a learning curve for our players, they seem to be learning at the moment - next season hopefully we see the learning come to fruition
  5. Man and ball equals a red card? Don’t agree with you there at all. Not condoning a two footer etc but you have to be aggressive. also, neither of them touch the ball, it’s embarrassing. The point is so obvious, he’s shot. It’s not that I don’t have sympathy for him, he is struggling, but I’ve watched too much of it, I’m done with excuses, time to move on.
  6. Defending a player pulling out of a tackle because the ref was poor? So do you think odowda thought “ooh hold on dont commit to this cos the ref is fussy?”. I’m not condoning reckless, but football is a contact sport and that ball was there to be won, he simply has to do more. And it’s not isolated to just that incident, or even this game.
  7. Odowda - never has been, never will be a winner. Just hasn’t got that mentality. You are 2-0 up against a terrible team, and when you come on you put in that performance. That was the play of a guy who wanted to hide, get out of there unscathed, survive. Not take it to them, stamp his authority and make it 3/4 nil. Simply put he plays like a loser (sporting wise) and we have to weed that out down here ASAP. when he pulls out of the cross field pass, that sums him up at city. Pring in the same situation takes the man and the ball and leaves yiadom in a heap, and allows semenyo and Weimann to counter. benarous from what I’ve seen is game, and would be in there fighting. The youngsters are showing how yellow he is, no more appearances unless it’s injury enforced for me. Had his chances and simply not taken them.
  8. Re Ayling, I believe he was in more trouble for the Cheltenham antics within his own personal bubble as he was here at the club. A move away from the social group he had was also a part of the reason, along with LJ never really fancying him.
  9. For me the Ashton era will be defined by how keen we were to “trade”. You have to sell to the prem is a phrase I’ve heard a few times, and I believe there is an element of truth to it. However do we truly believe other teams in our league haven’t had prem interest in their players but held onto them? If we had only been better in recruiting the need to sell so heavily wouldn’t have been there. Selling a Webster like deal should’ve put us in a position where all other talent was ring fenced for at Least a year, but no we bought terribly and then had to sell more assets. it’s like you own a house, it’s a nice house, you are happy living in it. If you want to keep Living there, and can afford to do so, happy days. But Ashton was the estate agent who puts your house on right move and courts offers, you then think “might be a good idea to sell”. But the whole process is kinda unnecessary, and it leaves you needing a new house in the same area. the question I have always had, why did MA want to trade so much? Only 2 things I can think, 1 it raised his own profile, and 2 he benefitted from player sales in one way or other…
  10. Heard exactly the same from his teammates in non league. Not stand out technically in any way, but clearly had the athletic capabilities to compete in the pro game. Add that to the fact the kid was, and apparently still is, truly dedicated to the nutrition/science he has just continued to develop. I can accept missing these types of player as he is a huge outlier, but would prefer if we didn’t miss them
  11. There was a passage in the second half where Stoke were on top, and Goodman said “this is much better” - then 6 seconds of silence before he says “for Stoke”. 100% odds on a producer was in his ear haha. That said, I don’t care - if anything I always have enjoyed supporting us v “the elite”. We are to a degree an unknown club to lots of pundits, we aren’t in a football hotspot like the NW or Midlands. They are, in the most part, as thick as whale omelettes. Long may it continue, a promotion (at some point in the future) would taste even sweeter.
  12. Might be mentioned elsewhere but is Tanner injured?
  13. Benarous showing exactly what we have missed for 18months. Ability to keep the ball in tight spaces, and a desire to be a winner at all costs. Unreal it’s taken a 18 y/o to show our older lads how’s its done, but there you go!
  14. I think he may well have been gone, but then things can change very quickly in employment law
  15. I know there have been rumours online which I won’t put here as I don’t wanna get banned, but heard today from multiple sources that those rumours are bang on the money. It seems off the pitch we are as much if not more of a mess than on it.
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