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  1. There is an article out there somewhere, can’t remember where sorry, which outlined how many of the Leicester team improved their physical output (distances covered, consecutive games etc) under the Pearson and Ranieri era. Maybe nutritional and supplemental improvements.... very interesting to see how our guys go this year
  2. I am making a promise to myself not to talk about these conmen anymore - after this final thought.... if Ashton really believes all his best mates, cousins etc are the best at what they do, how could he take all of them from us, and the amazing owner Steve lansdown, and leave us so badly in the lurch? it’s the final confirmation, although unneeded, he never had the best interest of this club at heart, it was always his own interests he served. don’t get me wrong, so glad he and shipman etc have left the building, but his bare faced lying and underhanded nature is so grating. He is everything that is wrong with football.
  3. I agree, maybe proven is not the right word, but my post also stated players “for the here and now” which is fairer. I never ever thought Lansbury was in that category, he had far too little game time over the past 18 months, hugely different to James. where I don’t agree is the alarmingly weak. We are. It looks to me like we have 14 “ready to go” - that’s alarming. With our injury record, and the fact that 2 of those are OOC and not signed with us (Weimann and Simpson) that’s weak. Really think you’d be an ostrich to think otherwise...
  4. If you look at the squad above posted by @Davefevsand ask yourself “is he a proven player at this level” for each name, that squad starts to become alarmingly weak. Players like James who are proven, and who can take the “here and now” in there stride are imperative, and the fact he has a relationship with Pearson is for me, right now in the situation we are (thanks Mark Ashton), a benefit.
  5. This makes sense. If you look at Cotts first (half) season in charge it was all about “safe” and trusted signings, honest players who are at their level in this league. Back then it was Nosworthy, Gillet etc. I think this is similar, just the next level or two up. James will be solid, honest, set standards at training and give us the framework to build up from. Defo would like this to come off, and would give a benchmark for Scott, Bakinson and Massengo of where they need to be consistently to play at this level.
  6. Last summer I said that it was Dickie > Mawson as although Alfie is a brilliant player at this level, his injury record was too big a risk. looking at Oxford fans online comments, they rate this guy more highly than Dickie, so for me it’s a “go get him”. 22 year old, will be hungry to prove himself, fresh ideas into the team, this is exactly the type I would go for! If we can add 3/4 hungry types and 2/3 “big names” then I think it’s starting to take shape. That said, this is going to take 2/3 seasons I think.
  7. So petty I know - Lenners you forgot to bump the thread re the fantastic signing of Lansbury - I’ve done it for you. Thank god we signed him mind
  8. Let me be clear on this OTIB, Mark Ashton is a charlatan. Even Gregor McGregor is saying Ashton would’ve had a nightmare interview the next time he spoke to the media, as there were so many car crashes at the same time. let me be clear, Watkins, Walsh, Diedhou, adelekun, Weimann, Baker Hunt etc all came in under the fantastic human that is Ashton. To get a grand total of £0 back, its apocalyptic. Millions spent, some Of these players contributed nothing whilst here, and leave on a free. I believe Fam 100%. The way a lot of players downed tools always suggested to me that there was something far more sinister at the core of the clubs problems. Walsh leaving also suggests to me that a) Ashton was lying about “looking him in the whites of his eyes” b) he had enough of the circus. Best mates with Williams, so thank god the jobs for the boys team has gone, else he would’ve been next out the door. shambles of a man, shame on us for letting him tear our club down for his own gain. Good luck Ipswich
  9. He looked to me a CB who has been raised to play at the top level, where a CB is a possession position as much as a defender, but it seems he is not quite there. Problem with that is, dropping from elite football to championship is that you can lack “street smart” ability, which makes players like Flint, Lees, Bradley, better options for us even if more limited technically. one home game I watched (can’t remember who!) he let the ball bounce across him and thought he had time to turn out with it, and got smashed out the way. Flint et al just put their head on that all day. Do we have time and does he have the desire to learn? Big risk, which I don’t think we can afford
  10. Few of the senior pros, him included, needed to carry the flame that was the spirit of that squad. All too easy to say he hopes it comes back, he could’ve and arguably should’ve made it so. great player on his day, but he’s walking away with a shrug of the shoulders in my opinion. We are in this mess as much as anything because too many players coasted, nothing great is ever achieved in your comfort zone.
  11. Oddest bit is Ipswich fans basically saying “silly Bristol City should know their place, Ashton workers wonders”. One bit of credit we should take as a fan base is how well we have reacted to the sales of our top talent, understanding the wider economics involved and our place in the food chain. they seem to want to cover their ears to the complete car crash Ashton and Rolls are leaving behind. Good luck to them, so glad they are out of this club. Good luck to Ipswich as well, I hope they know their place and don’t complain.
  12. My take is that with Rolls gone, Nige will bring in someone he trusts quickly to assess the injuries, treatments given and get a prognosis he can really believe in. Once that is complete he can then work out the puzzle. A good example would be Walsh, surely he will be fit for pre season? A good head of medical would be able to judge this and advise accordingly. Of course it’s not an exact science, but he should have a pretty good idea of who should be fit for day 1 pre season.
  13. Yes, to a certain extent.... if nige has worked us out, and the failings - there is no reason why we can’t have a good season. A good season, for me would be mid table, but done in a style we can be proud of, and the nucleus of an identity and a nastiness that shows we are no longer a soft touch. Much work to do, but very much achievable
  14. Yep - this is the exact opinion. Mind boggling.
  15. Amazes me that people on this thread still can’t just say “yep it was a mistake”. Even now it’s as clear as day he would improve us, is a top character, and not a big wage people still say “right at the time”. Well it wasn’t right at the time, and it’s as wrong today as ever it was. The last 18 months actually feels like internal sabotage - crazy days.
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