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  1. Not as good as the 3D version of actually being at the ground though eh?
  2. Yep, glass half full and full of hope.... 60 odd years and counting! COYR!!
  3. And our good friend Andy +a load of numbers
  4. Jeez, not another one! Can't be arsed to read it all but NP is to blame for letting Fammy leave? ,....sorry but that was definitely ASHTON!!!! He even stated as much!
  5. Quite simple really, If people are honest avoiding relegation was the major (if only) goal for this season - Done The squad that remained to start this season was lacking depth, experience and was unbalanced. Compared to other previous managers there was very limited funds to balance the squad. Players (particularly Fammy) were allowed to run down their contract and leave for nothing. Despite this crock of shit he inherited, he managed to blood quite a few player's who had previously been loaned out or were still playing U23 football. Not only blood but we now have a brilliant crop of young players we can all get behind and be proud of. He quickly sorted the wheat from the chaff. Players that didn't train well enough or give even a reasonable amount during games. Palmer will probably never play for us again but Desilva is testament to the fact that the door is never slammed shut. Listen to some of the players. Wells - wants to remain and mentioned continuing to enjoy working with the manager. Semenyo- it was stated that NP was the main reason he wanted to stay. Pring, stated he felt settled here for the first time because NP made him feel part of BCFC. Many of the young players promoted to the first team stated the positive influence NP had. Lots of youngsters now have valuable first team experience and will only get better. The club is, in my honest opinion, in good hands and he must be allowed to continue. I recently renewed my season ticket and I, for one, will be really pissed off if NP is not the manager come August. COYR!!!
  6. I understand your point Dave but the same can be said for all teams. Would Fulham and Bournemouth be where they are without Mitrivic or Solanke? Note to self- check spelling before posting
  7. Yes but they were deducted for a reason, over spending. Their squads would be poorer had they not overspent and they may well have been in a worse position than they are now. Purely conjecture I know.
  8. There are lies, damn lies and statistics! A well known saying which means you can get anything to mean anything you want depending on what outcome your agenda warrants. Do you work for Putin?
  9. Not trying to be pedantic or anything but that's how relegation works every season. Only the bottom 3 get relegated as they are the worst. We have a very good points difference between us and the bottom 3 and have had that gap throughout the season. We have never really been in danger of going down have we? Now, how many of us would have taken that back in August?
  10. But with a much better squad than us surely? They were talked about as playoff contenders at the start of the season, we were talked about relegation candidates. We are not going down and haven’t been for some time. Do you think QPR fans are happy with 10th?
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