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  1. Wow! Just dropped into ass chat. Someone has just posted this.... "You could say we are putting all our eggs into one basket....case" Summed up pretty well really
  2. Depends on how many "gurt teds" managed to get on it.....
  3. Just heard the mountain has withdrawn saying "that horrible aggressive little shit is too much for me"
  4. Yea but apparently the court has hired the "mountain"
  5. Bristol Post running a "live Joey Barton in court match week thread" Live updates so we miss nothing! Think I'll look again Friday to get the final score, oh and the sentencing "take him down"
  6. Or if Robbored posted something in it.....
  7. Perhaps the title of this thread should have ended with a ?
  8. Amazing, unbelievable. Arrived in Coventry from Bedford as I was doing a course there. Didn't know the stadium at all or where the best place for away supporters to go was so asked a copper. He said "anywhere, your effing everywhere". So we went in the covered end, lively to say the least! I have spoken often since that night to anyone who wants to listen, waxing lyrical about my all time favourite ever game but that didn't scratch the surface of the game or the emotional roller coaster. You really did have to be there and I am so damn glad that I actually was!
  9. Left back in the dressing room... I'll get me coat......
  10. Don't think he had very much if at all to do with the stadium build, I think that was Griffiths and Billingham. Can't remember him being present when I attended club/supporters meetings. Not sure about training ground. Had far too much say over transfers which is now seemingly, back where it should always have been, with the head coach/manager.
  11. Brilliant idea! If anyone sees me struggle across the south stand concourse using 2 crutches looking more like bloody bamby on ice because the floor is like a cider ice rink, they would agree!!!
  12. Boyhood hero of mine (obviously!) Brilliant player.
  13. I bet you £10 it doesn’t......
  14. Nice idea, not practical. If you have a block of fans stood, next to a block sat down, the block sat down can't see half the pitch. The old east end worked because everyone was stood. Has to be a corner for this to work. Sorry.
  15. Alec Briggs Dickie Rooks Gibbo
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