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  1. I feel for Paul Cook but what pleases me is that Ipswich fans seem to have got the message about Mark Ashton. See some of the responses to James Norwood's tweet....
  2. ... but do you pay any attention to the Scottish Championship? ..
  3. I'm wondering how relevant the Bristol Post think that this is to the case? Maybe brown suits and polo-necks are non-aggressive? Maybe anyone sporting glasses and a moustache could never be a vicious evil little thug?
  4. Sure, but the pleasure beach was open after all (I was there, stayed to the end because I'm ...stupid).
  5. I recently sold a load of Shoot and Scoop comics, people will spend £2 or £3 each in the right condition. I sold around 40 for £100. Great stuff although my sister used to read "Striker" before me and tell me the plot, an early spoiler she was (not you @Chessels Chick another sister).
  6. Barton really is a piece of work isn't he? Quite happy to throw his own players under the bus. "I'm a man and that is childish behaviour", said the 39 year old 'man'. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/bristol-rovers-boss-joey-barton-6261467?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=exchange
  7. RIP Mr Sillet, 85 was a great innings.
  8. Half an hour against ten men you say? Lost two nil you say? Marvellous.
  9. Looking at this, instead of "La la la la oooh" maybe we should sing "Tomas Kalas oooh" ... he doesn't have a song after all and RedRobbo would absolutely love it.
  10. The noxious gas fumes made many feel unsafe to leave their homes.
  11. They were there to try to catch a glimpse of Paul Scholes their hero from the days of supporting their main team Manchester.
  12. Keep Cook, lose Ashton. Simple. Ashton is the one recruiting square pegs for round holes.
  13. Nine men you say? After 95 minutes you say? Marvellous.
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