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  1. The lettering is already an anagram of Ipswichs Town
  2. It was an impact injury in the game against Blackpool (should have been a penalty). At the time he looked to be almost in tears and I feared for him that it was likely to be long term, but he's been back in full training for a while and so seemingly isn't impressing Nige?
  3. He's gone for the Tom Jones look which, ironically, is unusual.
  4. I agree totally Fevs, Many of their shots were from distance and went harmlessly wide despite the oohs and ahhs of the QPR fans and their mysterious appearance in the highlights package. But the Sky commentary was suggesting that our goal was being "peppered". There are quite a few QPR fans saying that every keeper has a worldie against them whilst also conceding that this could be more a case of their finishing being poor.
  5. Rejecting gnomes is an all time low. I'm presuming it was kept inside so that the field could be plowed? No longer prowed.
  6. For stats I'm going with sofascore. Look at the defensive stats, which are more telling as to the organisation. Also of all their possession and 20-somethng shots only 4 big chances? I think the game was much more even than some pundits make out. And then we come to team of the week we see three city players but where are all the QPR souls?...
  7. This video shows what you will never see in any highlight reel, the defensive headers we won from their corners and crosses. Also watch to the end for some serious limbagery.
  8. But that's great. All the more money in Bristol Sport's coffers. The rugger-bugger in my seat better not spill his beer all over it though.
  9. Bumper crowd but they will average around 12,ooo whereas we will average around 16,ooo. More TV revenue from football also. Why worry though? I'll still choose football.
  10. Gold - you can see both goals and three corner flags. Silver - you can see one goal and two corner flags. Bronze - you may as well stay outside and listen.
  11. I see its already been said, but that was a quality signing...
  12. Preston with a very late equaliser (94th min). The stoppage time was created by head injuries to multiple Preston players. They really are very unlucky with head injuries.
  13. True, but a brain count was difficult in the photo.
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