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  1. Just for the usual laughs, this is the entrance to the away end. Go through someone's back garden and up the steps and you'll find the ground, can't miss it.
  2. The drum part is so far beyond our current drummer's capability.
  3. When Han Noah leaves there is an opening and Antoine has largish hair too
  4. ... and while we are at it, what is Chris Martin's relationship with the darts?
  5. Nige might have his faults but Joey Barton, what an awful person. If I have read this correctly he has an injured player of whom he says "if you’re not playing you’re not going to be here long." and whom he is looking to move out of the club https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/exit-nears-bristol-rovers-defender-6529134
  6. You are right, but it is one song, just a different verse. We should listen to Bowie though, we should all listen to Bowie, maybe then we might sing it properly,
  7. Swansea are basically going to send him to Coventry, so he might choose to join Coventry City while he is there (he is from Coventry).
  8. Don't be confused @Son of Fred . I am only joking. @BS4 on Tour... and @GrahamC are both Bristol City stalwarts, they may have their differences, but I know both are City to the core.
  9. Yeah that is how I read it but I am all for a fight between Mr Clapp and BS4. Fight, fight, FIGHT!!!
  10. Thanks Graham, Mods please delete.
  11. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, I couldn't see it, but has Jamie discovered that the grass is not greener over there?
  12. Amazing what a Google search can find, The Gas Fruit Stadium
  13. The rule is, if you are trying to play out from the back and are not very good at it, then hoof it. It is kind of a delayed hoof-ball if you will.
  14. One for the Bristol City...
  15. I wish someone would start singing "We love you Millwall, we do" in reply. Something about poo and Sherlock Holmes.
  16. I would imagine he is not guilty...
  17. Do they are research? He's trying but he is just shit.
  18. A girl at school told me I looked like him. Never had a bigger compliment since.
  19. Well you can see quite clearly that I do.
  20. Yes but we do sing about Bristol Rovers, a lot, and we do check their scores, a lot, and at half time Downsy makes some irreverent comment when announcing their score, and people ask how they and Cardiff got on on the way out of the stadium. People have been known to take their shoes off when singing about them. But it's great and I love it.
  21. Not wanting to be pedantic, but that should be "you're". Love to all.
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