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  1. I just think that we have generally more attractive fixtures and are generally taking twice as many fans to them which goes against the original assertion that we take broadly the same away fans to games as the scruffy fewers. That really is not the case as is demonstrated and can be demonstrated consistently over time, including when we played at the same level as them.
  2. My point is.... we're not in League Two so there is no comparison other than distance.
  3. Really? 313 - Bristol Rovers fans at Hartlepool United (273 miles Sat) 430 - Bristol City fans at Middlesbrough (263 miles Sat) 1,051 - Bristol Rovers fans at Exeter City (80 miles Sat) 2,100 - Bristol City fans at Reading (77 miles Tues)
  4. I think he is using the power of the tickle.
  5. I think there was Rich, I searched around for it to no avail.
  6. That firm got together at infant school, they used to bash other kids on the head with their Sherbet Dippers
  7. I wouldn't worry too much. You can guarantee that they've all got a favourite Premier League team.
  8. They'd only spend it on sweeties, little scamps.
  9. Was anyone up early for a bit of gloating?
  10. They just can't help themselves... Caption competition
  11. CiderJar


    Here are some of the effects it has on performance....
  12. "Louis Sidney Britton (born 17 March 2001) is an English professional footballer who plays as a forward for Bristol City." Wikipedia
  13. I'm amazed that nobody came back to me with "I didn't get where I am today without doing the work I was asked to do by Dr Rennie" "Yes CJ. Sorry CJ" "My sentence construction is not at it's best at 5am" "Yes CJ"
  14. Jevons to Betsy was always my favourite Bristol City pass.
  15. I just watched the video and Rennie has an air about him that just seems to command respect. Softly spoken and knowledgeable, but I wouldn't want to be the player who didn't do the work he was being asked to do by Rennie.
  16. A belated happy birthday Tammy
  17. Watch the whole game again in four parts.... but hurry I can't see it lasting the night
  18. A good job there wasn't any dilly-dallying otherwise I might have got bored and stopped watching. What's that you say? Yes. I stopped watching because I got bored of all the dilly-dallying.
  19. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/competitions/championship/12424184/peterborough-2-3-bristol-city
  20. Hi Shaun, good to see you here again, did you see that Nathan Thompson scored for us today? He celebrated as though he'd won promotion.
  21. Probably best to keep it simple and stick to La las.... Rob Rob Atkinson La la la la la Rob Rob Atkinson Laaaa la la la la la Rob Rob Atkinson La la la la la He looks like MacDonald in his pomp, pomp pomp!
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