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  1. To be fair with more box entries we might be awarded more penalties.
  2. It seems that might be one of the few promotions at Portman Road (or is it the Ashton Stadium now?) this season following today's result.
  3. It's the slapping you get from his ears I tell you!
  4. There was discus on in Stoke? I wasn't sure they even had an athletics venue.
  5. No, but imagine a slap from one of those ears?
  6. That's around £100 off our overdraft. Thanks.
  7. I agree with this, but the point deductions have no bearing on anything as things stand. Hull, Reading, Barnsley and Peterborough would all still be below us.
  8. He did push Rotherham all the way for a Papa John's Pizza though.
  9. https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/rule-of-thirds-for-designers?kw&c3apidt=71700000083936683&gclsrc=aw.ds&amp=1 I love your photos John, but there's always room for improving yourself.
  10. It is all in one place to be ignored if you want. Take it down and you'll have a thread for every time they do something stupid; so many many threads.
  11. I like the bells on the end, it kind of suits them.
  12. We used to sing "The gas, the gas, we've got to get rid of the gas" because of the stench from the gasworks at Eastville, and they decided it was a compliment.
  13. I have absolutely no doubt that Crystal Palace will be applying to have their FA Cup tie replayed
  14. Apparently Northampton refused to cook Wael his lucky pre-match lasagne, so he got deliveroo to deliver... and the tweet is a hilarious take on this. One of the replies complained about it and because they @'d deliveroo, deliveroo apologised, officially as if it was a genuine customer complaint. And here's another... Don't you just love template responses? They always seem so genuine and sincere.
  15. Their official twitter feed is extracting their urine....
  16. ... and Steve Bruce blamed the pitch. https://www.bristolworld.com/sport/football/bristol-city/west-bromwich-albion-manager-criticises-bristol-citys-playing-surface-after-baggies-3618738
  17. Add to this the fact that Barnsley play Reading, Swansea and Posh, Reading play Barnsley, Hull and Cardiff, Cardiff play Swansea Reading, Hull, Birmingham and Derby, Hull play Cardiff, Swansea, Reading and us, Derby play us and Cardiff, Birmingham play Swansea and Cardiff, Posh play us , Barnsley and Swansea and Swansea play Posh, Birmingham, Cardiff, Hull and Barnsley, there are probably no permutations by which we go down, mathematically.
  18. It was a mis-hit shot ,Rob, don't listen to what he tells you.
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