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  1. Do they are research? He's trying but he is just shit.
  2. A girl at school told me I looked like him. Never had a bigger compliment since.
  3. Well you can see quite clearly that I do.
  4. Yes but we do sing about Bristol Rovers, a lot, and we do check their scores, a lot, and at half time Downsy makes some irreverent comment when announcing their score, and people ask how they and Cardiff got on on the way out of the stadium. People have been known to take their shoes off when singing about them. But it's great and I love it.
  5. Not wanting to be pedantic, but that should be "you're". Love to all.
  6. They have, and in that video they describe us as "silent" so that may be silence about Bristol Rovers, who knows?
  7. Searching for images of Joey Barton for another (completely libelous and totally offensive) reason I found this. You have to love Google Images shortened captions...
  8. This stat is annoying considering the key role he played in both of our second half goals.
  9. Yeah, me too, and then I saw he goes on for nearly half an hour
  10. Wow! This Millwall fan is heavily sedated, you may want to listen to him at double speed.
  11. A couple of examples of a team that may get promoted or be in the play offs with strikers who do not score but who possibly provide for the strikers who do...
  12. KP was doing them with Danny Simpson before the Huddersfield game. Some kind of fitness test/ humiliation?
  13. That is so true. And one of these years they will remember their full name. Miiiii.... In all fairness they made a lot of noise until they didn't.
  14. Surely that would have bleeped on the refs watch? Didn't Cameron Diaz of Blackburn do something similar when he scored? Weird behaviour. Or passion?
  15. Surely some mistake? Not even in the top four? Happy New Year to the Gap
  16. Grab some popcorn and enjoy this thread...
  17. Hey Ben, you're local to Luton aren't you? Will you be at the game? Andi Weimann is my favourite current player, so anything I say will be biased, and you don't like that do you?
  18. A "spectaculary short" 800 word report from @Olé, thanks.
  19. Well burger me! Joey's on Arctic Ice Railroad after the football highlights on Quest Here he is snorting something off the track.
  20. Matty James goal didn't make the highlights reel https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/competitions/championship/12493091/hull-2-2-bristol-city
  21. I'm here, I'm there, at points during the game I was everywhere.
  22. Reminds me so much of Gerry Francis, we used to play the game of "guess which side the interviewer is standing".
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