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  1. There is another issue here, I accept that perhaps Cardiff and not Nantes released the payment demand into the public domain and that begs another big question, why is there no process in place whereby the really nice, helpful and of course not corrupt people who run FIFA, the FFF or the premier league step in and loan on an interest free agreement the money to Nantes if there need is that pressing, it's not as if they haven't got a bob or two. This whole tragic tale brings home the sad feeling of brown envelopes full of money that everybody within the process of a transfer gets, that is lost to football forever and a day.
  2. It was the public demand that was wrong, surely this should have been a totally private matter, I think that only Cardiff so far come out of this with any dignity whatsoever and it's not often we can utter those words.
  3. You would think:- 1. That Nantes would have far more class than demanding payment in not only the way that they did but also in the time frame that they did. 2. That if the parasite agent still wants his cut, he donates it to the Salas family. 3. Somebody had a duty of care for this poor guy and singularly failed, whoever that is I hope that they are sued and it doesn't look good for the agent so far. I am staggered by the lies the agent not only told the player but also the 2 clubs, the manipulation is staggering.
  4. The email exchanges between the agent and player beggar belief, the lies and subterfuge employed is absolutely shocking, there are some people on this forum who defend agents as being necessary to the modern game, I'm sorry I beg to differ, they are not interested in the player, the clubs, genuine football fans and the beautiful game itself, they are only interested in money, they are parasites. This is a very sorry and tragic tale of somebody who had a duty of care to his client and singularly failed in that duty. Sadly I have absolutely zero faith in either FIFA or the UK football authorities in dealing with this matter appropriately, a thug who has for the 2nd time in 2 years stamped on an opponents face is facing no action FFS. I hope Cardiff do not let this go without a fight and through investigation, it just plain stinks. RIP Emiliano and to the pilot, whom I hope is soon found.
  5. What a very sorry and sordid web is emerging surrounding Mckay and his working methods. No wonder Cardiff are not overly happy over his involvement. Another reason to despise agents.
  6. Taking a viagra ready for an impromptu board meeting and the managers initiation with the camel.
  7. 3 substitutions and Paterson wasn’t one of them. My god this is a real love job.
  8. I put dog shit in my wheelie bin and thats where the similarity ends.
  9. If Paterson emerges for the 2nd half LJ has clearly lost the plot, he is dreadful, half hearted, weak, not worth his place in the side and we are a weaker side when he plays.
  10. Time to replace Paterson with my wheelie bin, whose is a better player and does’nt back out challenges.
  11. You know I am not in favour, how can it be fair to have lost 3 games out of 4 or 75% of your games and still be a point ahead of a team who has won 2 out of 4 games or has won/lost 50% of their games, I get the 4 tries but not getting anything for a close defeat.
  12. Yes I am aware of the points system, what I am saying is the highlighted portion is bullshit IMO, a defeat is a defeat end of.
  13. Bristol played 4 and won 2 are still a point behind Harlequins who have played 4 and lost 3, i'm sorry I still don't get that.
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