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  1. Severnside Cup final today 10,000 crowd surely? ps don't drive a minibus down Gloucester Road today
  2. BBC News - Sir David Amess: Southend to become a city in honour of MP https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-58956615
  3. Will the football club be renamed too? Boris Johnson announced Southend-on-Sea will be given city status - in honour of Sir David Amess, who had long campaigned for the change. Downing Street says the award of city status to Southend is a "very rare honour". "This was an exceptional circumstance," the PM's official spokesman says. The definition of a city in the UK is a place that has been granted city status by the monarch. That status is purely honorific and confers no additional powers, functions or funding. Vicky Ford, the Conservative MP for Chelmsford, tweets: "At this time of great sadness it is utterly fitting that Southend WILL become a City. Greetings from Chelmsford, Essex's other City."
  4. Any chance of a senior reds meeting on an evening instead of lunchtime? Not all over 55s are retired you know!
  5. Cheap tickets or a BOGOF deal in Dolman 34 (A block) for lower grade games might help. Get a few in who want to sing at the away fans.
  6. Singing section tucked into one corner, away fans spread across the whole Atyeo end , lighting left on during the match. These are all done on the wishes of the stadium safety officer. Less intimidating atmosphere = less trouble. All very cosy for away fans
  7. Yeah Mickey always gets his face in on 'legends' nights
  8. Perhaps it's just me being a miserable old git but shouldn't they be concentrating on the football instead of poncing around?
  9. Matchday thread? Bristol Rovers vs Chelsea ladies team
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