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  1. Play off matches awarded to Sheffield United and Swindon. That would focus a few minds.
  2. Missed if answered earlier, who was City manager when Tavernier and Kent were here?
  3. The camel is called swany because of his long neck
  4. Not happening, Wally has paid for the players to swan off to Dubai
  5. What does SL, god of all investors, think of Crypto?
  6. Is that Madonna circa 1982, pert, Like a Virgin, or Madonna 2022, blue waffle?
  7. Up the table we must go, ee ey ee ey ee ey oh
  8. Yeah, it's me, Phantom, Jacob Rees-Mogg, LJ and Mark Ashton. Fun night out at Christmas mind
  9. Might be nothing in it as he's been there before as assistant manager, but Fleming has been seen out with Hartlepool chairman. Source, good friend who has family connections in the North East
  10. Somerset 229-3 at tea (from 172-0)
  11. Wag 2 noticed that Wag 1 had blocked her from her Instagram account "Oh, what a ****" she said, mmm very classy
  12. Suprisingly, Wayner and Jamie are still mates apparently. Apart from losing shit loads of evidence Wag 2 also can't remember various incidents because she was too pissed. Classy bird mind.
  13. One of the best (and loudest) chants from the old East End was the booming BAAAARRRISSSSTOLLLLLL Time for a revival
  14. Oh come on, surely "Shoes off if you hate the Gas" at the last home match was a candidate for Champagne Moment of the Season?
  15. Apparently Wayner is there today wearing a mac that make him look like Columbo
  16. Yeah, but one told me they are signing Louis Britton, who, they reckon is one of our best players but wasn't given a chance.
  17. Wag 3 no idea, dropped the phone containing all of the incriminating evidence overboard from a North Sea ferry, how unlucky was that
  18. Wag 1 appears to be carrying an injury but is declared fit to play
  19. Football related? Barely Close season slow news day? Definitely The story so far; Wag 1 on her Twitter account said....blah, blah blah Wag 2 replied via Tik Tok, No I didn't you bitch.... Wag 1, don't call me a bitch you slag... To be continued
  20. It's certainly ramped up interest on this thread, over 20 pages in a day?
  21. Really looking forward to fixture release day as there hasn't been a Bristol league derby for over 20 years! .... Well listening to the blue few that have suddenly appeared "we're coming for you shitheads etc.etc" you'd think that they had been promoted to the championship. 22 years MTG FTG
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