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  1. Got to stick with O'Leary for a while but he needs a new big centre back in front of him
  2. @Shaun Taylor Is excitement building for your cup final?
  3. New striker Ryan Loft, no me neither, said he was impressed with the stands at the Memorial Ground. Surely they must have showed him around Ashton Gate?
  4. That's a warning sign for local minibus drivers
  5. Just looked on @SocialistGashead Twitter feed, A; he looks like David Van Day (ask your mum kids) B; He spouts some strange stuff
  6. Looks like Penrice, Twentyman, Francis, Hollowhead and Mayhew?
  7. "When it's spring again, I'll sing again, Gerty from Amsterdam" Another East End classic
  8. He was only saying what we were all thinking!
  9. No, but it is within Marvin's hot air zone
  10. Build it and they will come........... Name that Film
  11. Just plant the seed and it will grow
  12. Better than the dribbling programme seller that covers the Roverz games
  13. I still carry the OTIB warning badge of honour for quoting that particular little ditty!
  14. Remember, with POTD you'll have to queue up at the ticket office. I've seen a late rush cause hundreds to miss kick off with a sub 10k crowd before.
  15. I sit with at least a dozen season ticket holders who travel up from WsM Non of them are coming
  16. Anyone else thinks this team needs a captain? No nonsense tough guy to lead the kids
  17. Now you're a blue when you used to be red You look like a **** when you tapped your head
  18. Little did the 'wall know but our Dutch friends from Willem were in town that weekend
  19. The same Rodney Marsh who got spat on on from the enclosure whilst being carried on a stetcher to a waiting ambulance, seem to remember he didn't have a smile on his face that day
  20. Paying players too much to come here, if the South West in general and Bristol in particular is such a sh!t hole that we have to offer players over the odds to come here then **** um, forget the Premier League dream, buy promising players from lower leagues, take the hit of relegation and begin the ten year cycle again.
  21. Merry Christmas from Bemmy Down in view of Ashton Gate ️
  22. Oh look, one of the wise men has arrived bringing promises of great wealth a marvelous new home.
  23. What has happened to our few blue few visitors?
  24. When is the new stand opening at Craven Cottage? I would imagine that the away teams will get a much bigger allocation after that. *edit . Summer 2022 to answer my own question.
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