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  1. Don't include me on another SL thread, I got lynched last week.
  2. Hey! Could be worse, could be gas, with a five bob fake sheikh in charge *are we allowed to say that?
  3. Ah yes, myol'man the billionaire you mean? I don't think so It would seem that due to EFL FFP rules no multimillionaire can plough money into his local club to break the parachute yo-yo monopoly, the Championship will become as divided as the Premier League. Every season there will be a top 2 or 3, with a dozen teams fighting for the scraps of a playoff place. From the fans point of view it might seem better to take the drop and hope for another Cotts season rather than bumbling along in the bottom half of the championship for the next 10 seasons. Thanks to @Davefevsfor explaining in detail why SL can't hand is dusty wallet over to Pearson. Conclusion, we're f*cked!
  4. @Davefevs in part 3 could you explain how at the end of his reign SL walks away with either a massive loss or a huge profit from his time here? Blows £45m on stadium redevelopment plus £100m on propping up the football club, but, by the end will own steady championship football club + never to be relegated Premiership rugby club + ladies & basketball teams + huge new Sports Village including hotels, apartments and events venue + massive housing development site over at Ashton Vale.
  5. Ah! I wondered how long it would be before someone mentioned the C word
  6. Taking pot shot at rugby Premiership for no relegation policy, Bears are just part of the closed shop now so they don't need anymore SL funding, finish bottom every season, no one cares!
  7. Yes, carry on please, very interesting
  8. Bringing the Bears into the discussion as we are all in the Bristol Sport team together, Bears are now much nearer being self sufficient than City. We all know SL funds both teams with huge amounts but he won't be here forever, so does he throw one more massive wedge at it before he rides off into the sunset? Or is he constrained by the FFP that you are about to explain? Thank you
  9. I know that I'm getting shot down in flames here, but outside of the four walls of OTIB, fans ask this question. The point I'm making is the Bears are safe in the Premiership bubble, they sure ain't gonna win it this season, City haven't really spent big for several windows, so, will Pearson be given a bit of leeway to improve the squad? £££ A couple of years ago it was being said that as we are nowhere near the £39m loss over 3 season threshold it'll be soon time to splash the cash. Hasn't happened yet? *puts on tin helmet
  10. Face coverings in retail and public transport to become mandatory
  11. South Gloucestershire Cup final; Rovers 2 Rovers 0
  12. Just trying to open the debate boys and girls ️ I know that the top rugby boys earn the equivalent of a championship football player and the restraints of FFP in the EFL but SL isn't the Almighty you know
  13. ...and there is no danger of relegation from the rugby Premiership, will Lansdown hand his dusty wallet to Pearson in January ?
  14. Was the court usher charging a tenner to get into the public gallery?
  15. Scenes at 7.35 approaching Lansdown stand from Ashton Road. Perfect storm of Covid hotspot and mass gathering for terrorist attacks. Organised chaos!
  16. I like the "why shop at Waitrose when you can shop at Netto" "why shop at Netto when you can go bin dipping" line
  17. Blades ain't happy https://www.s24su.com/forum/threads/its-hecky.88820/
  18. With uncle & brother and sister & mother? That would make 5 (or 3)
  19. 1740-692 = 1,048 That can't be the home attendance surely? How can they sustain a league club on crowds as low as that?
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