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  1. Swansea in town tomorrow What price a Korey Smith/Liam Walsh double?
  2. Dear Horse with no Head, Are you going to grow a new head in time for the start of the season?
  3. Interesting to read that Tisdale, who Barton basically accused of being a fraud, was shortlisted for the England under 21s job. The FA clearly didn't ask the bin dipping thug for references
  4. Is this some kind of gender fluid mankini thing? & after last weeks kit launch video, they are really going after the diverse fan base
  5. Both ends singing Come on Irene?
  6. "Follow through after a gallon of rough" Arena
  7. Have they paid those people to wear that? The two girls don't look happy
  8. Can you get sent off in bowls?
  9. A thread for all of us spread far and wide around the UK and the rest of the world . I'll start Where can I watch the final in Dartmouth?
  10. Big test for Pickford 2nd half, looked like he was losing his shit in the 1st half
  11. Sky Sports News showing live rubbish blowing around Wembley Way
  12. Was that before or after Hitler saved them from relegation out of the Football League?
  13. Don't shoot the messenger, I'm only passing on what Joey boy thinks of the 'Head of Recruitment"
  14. My gas insider tells me that Tommy Wimblington, who knows Jack sh!te about professional football but tried running the first team before Barton had him booted into the long grass, stands to make a hefty wedge on various ongoing gas transfer deals. No change there then, Gerry Francis was doing that 30 years ago
  15. How's the fanzone at the Memorial Ground
  16. The milage traveled excuse is being rolled out already
  17. Thousands locked out mind They swim in the sea, we eat them for our tea. those bloody great fishes called
  18. Who will be the superstars of this tournament? Nobody outstanding so far
  19. Yeah, I've got a VPN but apparently it's not working
  20. Any streaming available? I'm in France and there's not a single bar or pub showing the England match BBC iplayer is blocked
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