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  1. Perhaps it's just me being a miserable old git but shouldn't they be concentrating on the football instead of poncing around?
  2. Matchday thread? Bristol Rovers vs Chelsea ladies team
  3. There is a Ricoh Arena station
  4. Yes, out on the edge of the city, nearer to the motorway, drive or car share is easiest. £60 on the train and change at New Street
  5. Yeah, Jack Charltons stock in trade tackle!
  6. Strong team out tonight. Should still be a comfortable home win
  7. Tried two 'spoons yesterday trying to get food, Commercial Rooms sold out of everything except burgers, V Shed had food, much smaller menu these days (no salt bizarrely) but very limited choice of beers. Conclusion, 'spoons is getting worse Toilets still smell the same
  8. Is this a ticketed event or can I just rock up?
  9. 6302 Can't find an away following listed anywhere. The boycott had a massive effect, would have been 10k else
  10. Did he mention seagulls and trawlers?
  11. St. Joseph of Barton, always a rover, says she was pissed & she fell over
  12. "The batsmans Holding, the bowlers Willie" Sorry, wrong sport
  13. Any room on the coaching staff for Phil and Gary Nevilles dad? How about a place for QPR legend (one size) Fitz Hall?
  14. And built the main stand. Facing away from the goal unfortunately
  15. Yeah, travelled up from WsM expecting to see a football version of It's a Knockout. In a word, rubbish!
  16. Remember him for the goal at Ashton Gate vs Huddersfield and the free kick at Fulham. Class in his boots, but not in his head
  17. Did you go yesterday ST? What did you and your friends think of the "facilities" ?
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