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  1. That Leeds game though, Dec 1976, abandoned at half time due to the fog.....was in the East End with my Dad, couldn't see beyond the edge of the penalty area & only had the odd glimpse of the orange ball. Pretty much the last time i can call us having a game called off because of fog......
  2. Tomlin's winner vs Fulham in March 2016 was pretty special......
  3. In my Top 5 Posts Of All Time. Fantastic perspective, and superbly laid out. i too am incredibly excited for the months ahead. Very well said Marina !!
  4. Whatever we all think of the relative qualities and strengths of all our new signings, (and for me, as a grumpy 51 year old lifelong fan I really like the business we have done so far) I think we have to tip our hats to what a great, decisive job the club seem to be doing bringing in new additions to the squad at the start of this summer, especially as it would seem we are not done yet. All the new signings have clearly been identified as right for the club, each for their own different reasons, a good while ago, and the range of new recruits we have recently been introduced to certainly
  5. oh do grow up. this is 2019 not 1819.
  6. Have seen a fair bit of Odubajo this season as I take my Brentford-supporting daughter down there quite a lot (we live local). For me, he'd be a great addition to the squad, would give us cover across the backline and could easily press for the "number 1' number 2 spot. Maupay would also be high on my list as would Romaine Sawyers in centre midfield.
  7. Perspective my friends, perspective. Living in West London, my daughter has despite my best efforts become a Brentford fan (could be worse I suppose) & as we live very local to Griffin Park and getting to Bristol at weekends is tricky, we have seen a dozen or so games at Griffin Park this season, including Leeds last night. On paper & on pre-Easter form, that should have been a tough but winnable game for Leeds, but they were taken apart (much to my delight) in the end by a slick, fluid & resilient Brentford and crumbled under the pressure of being in the hunt for an auto
  8. 50,000th reply coming up. Nuff said.
  9. me too - can clearly remember watching many games holding on to the fence at the front of the enclosure with all the other young 'uns
  10. Any amateur psychologists out there help me decipher a very strange dream I had last night ? Colin was in my dining room throwing forks at the wall and taking chunks out of the plaster ....... scared the bejeezus out of me. Nurse !
  11. Yup me too. Remember Tomlin's pen looked awful but went in somehow and we managed to get LJ's reign off to a winning start.
  12. ....and if the club DIDN't negotiate contracts with clauses like this, and if they DIDN'T activate these clauses, there would be hell to pay on here wouldn't there ? Smart move all round by the club as far as I can see it.
  13. Happy New Year y’all from deepest, darkest west London. May 2019 be everything 2018 was not on every level..... COYR.
  14. No he's not saying that, at least thats not how i read it. From my perspective the Major is asking us not to be too rash in our judgement of our new-look squad, and is suggesting we might be wise to give the new players a better chance to gel, for Fammy to come back and the team to properly find it's feet over the course of the next half dozen or so games. Two matches in does not offer much perspective of the season ahead, even the club's harshest critics must see that, surely.
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