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  1. Mine was taken this morning but hasn't been refunded
  2. What a strange looking shirt What about the rest of the kit? Would love it to be green shorts and yellow socks just to continue on the meltdown that is happening on here But i will pre order one just because it is so unusual
  3. The efl doesn't want little bristol city in the play offs Another joke ref.
  4. AS won the ball. You need an eye test mate
  5. Never a red. He won the ball and huddlestone was late and kicked the bottom of AS's foot and gone down like a cheap whore ****ed by another ref today. LJ will be getting another apology letter but that means nothing now.
  6. The referee was a dick Huddlestone kick the bottom of antoines foot and goes down like a bitch Never a red ****** by the ref again How many times this season? Who is buying the ref? The see you next tuesdays at the efl who doesnt want little bristol city in the play offs? The epl who doesnt want us in the prem as we aren't attractive as villa west brom or fldc? There is a conspiracy
  7. Different team Different formation Same result
  8. Johnson out He is ******* clueless. I do not think i have seen us win in 2018
  9. http://www.european-football-statistics.co.uk/attn.htm
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