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  1. The **** of a ref is giving them everything Roberts spends more time on his back than a cheap whore
  2. Massive clear out needed, Pathletic display 1 shot all game 1 ******* shot!
  3. Looking for a reaction after saturday 0 shots first half 2 down at home to ******* Reading Sack him now before the second half starts
  4. Watching this current team is slowly turning me into an alcoholic It is easier to watch after half a bottle of captain morgan
  5. Even thou we are really really sh!t i would still renew along with my two kids The club needs the support financially more than ever
  6. Saturday 14th March, cannot find any information on time or tv coverage
  7. Wasn't that against Southampton? Or am i thinking of a different goal?
  8. Isn't adelakun cup tied? But he is on the bench
  9. Order the free shirts for my kids 12 days ago, haven't heard a thing
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