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  1. The concourses are busy up to kick off, before and after half time and before full time, that never used to be a thing. I’m not sure the Rocking Robins would be allowed nowadays…….unless it was a mixture of men and women. No, I’m not volunteering
  2. I sit not far from the dugout and the non playing players sit behind that. Now, as a bit of a medical expert, I watched a couple episodes of Casualty, I saw Han-Noah on Saturday and watching him walk up the steps, crouching down for a photograph with a young fan, I would say tomorrow may be a bit early but fingers crossed for Saturday.
  3. It’s great to see it being taken seriously and not just ignored. Well done on the part you’ve played.
  4. I mentioned this to the club a few years ago, I got told, by Adam Baker I think, that the club had monitored it and decided leaving to the crowd to create an atmosphere hadn’t worked. personally I used to love the build up a crowd created, especially with a big away following. Maybe it’s different now, I don’t know.
  5. TBF to Scott it’s one of those things that unless someone else, like you, is openly talking about it at our club, then you just think it’s you that’s struggling and get on with it. For instance, besides mild colourblindness my eyesight is very good for my age, late 50’s, in normal or bright light but when it’s darker I struggle nowadays. Including night games where I think our floodlights are quite poor. Recognising players at the far end from where I sit is hard work. But I don’t hear anyone else moaning so I guess it’s just me……..but it might not be
  6. Ha! It wasn’t really a compliment of our play, more how flabbergasted I was that we managed to get a 0-0 half. Anyway, it was like a cup final for Bournemouth playing against such a class team and set up as ours
  7. I wish we still had him, I’d certainly swap him for a few of ours. But inconsistent is a tag made for him, brilliant and a real threat in a few games then 4 or 5 with little or no threat at all.
  8. Once in every 25 is a bit harsh. He scored about 1 in 6/7 for us
  9. I was thinking yesterday how we miss Pato’s goals from midfield, I know he was inconsistent but always thought there was a chance of a goal, especially in a game like this
  10. I was just trying to find crumbs of comfort to cheer me up, I only had to look at last season. Yesterday was the first time this season, 12 games, that we’ve lost by more than a goal, all tight games that could have gone either way, until yesterday. The last 12 games of last season we lost by more than a goal 7 times!
  11. Yes I’m struggling to remember a more one sided game at home, which is why I thought it remarkable we drew the second half even when down to 10 men. After half an hour I’d have taken 0-3 I really thought we were in for a big thumping. Not making excuses but I really think the Williams injury knocked the wind out of players and fans.
  12. For me it wasn’t the worse clash I’ve seen, I think them having so much black in their green made it ok but your point still stands.
  13. God I hope not but Tuesday night isn’t looking good, unless you’re a player waiting for a chance.
  14. The fact our goal difference didn’t take a hammering today is a real positive. Also, to draw the second half, much of which we played with 10 men and without our 2 best midfielders was remarkable
  15. He may well have but he didn’t announce it on Instagram
  16. a new one this week https://www.instagram.com/p/CU-FDbrNJrq/?utm_medium=copy_link
  17. Contrasting FA cup memories looking at the Corinthian Casuals v St Albans tie. One a 0-0 and being chased down the street by Millwall fans with a baseball bat. The other, the biggest City win I’ve ever seen.
  18. Indeed, which means at some point when we look completely doomed he’ll inspire us to an unbelievable run leading to promotion…….or something similar
  19. It’s going to be one of those seasons, with a smaller squad it only takes a couple injuries in the same position, HNM & Williams for instance and we’ll struggle big time. But if we finally get some luck on that side we can easily hold are own. Today against a very good side we certainly didn’t need bad luck with us.
  20. Seems to be back to his best this season, maybe captaincy wasn’t his thing. Also, what a tackler George Tanner is.
  21. Well I’m glad we didn’t sign him now, we’d be forever in Exeter’s debt Very pleased for him, his mum comes into our work. When he visits her and his old Newton Abbot mates come over and want to know about playing for England or scoring hat tricks against Liverpool, she shouts at him “Oliver, don’t get big headed now” Seems like a decent chap.
  22. I must admit I wasn’t bothered about that game, if it’s the one I was thinking about it was when we were going for promotion, so it was an unwanted distraction for me. I do understand when you’re surrounded by them lot at work or school it’s damned hard work. 1990 and all that surrounds it is unlikely to be beaten as the worse game ever.
  23. Forgetting the May 1990 game (I really wish I could) A fairly recent game, Luton, lost 3-0, a pathetic performance that was equalled by some of our own fans. A day to forget.
  24. A very odd character with a big ego, not the sort I’d ever want at the Gate. I saw him outside Wembley in the summer at the England semi final game. He was with 3 women who I presumed by their ages were his wife and 2 daughters. Anyway, he was having a complete meltdown with them about something. Not sure what it was but it made me laugh as the last time I saw him at Wembley I had the meltdown and he was laughing.
  25. Yes the prices are a bit steep. About 3 times a season I bring someone along, none are City fans but just fancy taking in a game, so not worth getting a membership. This weekend is one of those occasions and it’s hard to justify asking them to cough up £39 to sit fairly near me. Especially as many Premier League clubs, like Man Utd are much cheaper.
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