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  1. 1 hour ago, The Dolman Pragmatist said:

    Silva is claiming that our equaliser was clearly offside.  Did anyone see that? I missed the on-screen replay because I was watching the antics of the rather rotund pitch invader.

    Yes he may well have been but didn’t see their defenders complain much. But what a finish, that was so difficult and the keeper won’t be happy seeing that pass him.

  2. Joe looked very good when he came on and of course can only get better, we’ve not seen him with half a dozen consecutive games under his belt yet.

    Great timing too with Han-Noah sidelined.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed that, which just goes to show we don’t turn up just wanting wins, some exciting football and certainly no lack of effort.

    Alas not all teams will come to Ashton Gate with the same plan as Fulham, it was one of those games you knew would be good before kick off

  4. 8 minutes ago, 1960maaan said:

    The problem is, the companies with money to spend naturally have to be companies that can , for want of a better expression, trend. Tobacco is addictive , alcohol can be addictive , gambling can be addictive . All of those have A. been linked with ruining lives , and B. are very, very lucrative . Sports companies must be rubbing their hands as competition drops away. You can almost guarantee the next rush of firms will be something else deemed dubious, eventually. 
    It's difficult to see where Clubs might get anywhere near the figures they have been getting.  It's probably harder at out level too, Prem clubs are high profile and get the cream, that's why we got the equivalent of start ups with Dunder , bags of money (potential) but little clout. Really don't see companies queueing unlike before.

    Yes, maybe this and the number of clubs really struggling financially is the start of the footballers salaries shrinking, let’s face it there’s plenty of room for shrinkage. 

  5. 9 minutes ago, shelts said:

    That game still hurts and judging by the reaction on here quite a few feel the same . The horse punchers will always have that over us and fair play to em . Would I rather we won it but had their history … no!!

    Holloway loves to wind us up . 

    It’s weird, it does still hurt and I’ll never forget it, even though it’s over 30 years ago.

    I can remember standing there at the final whistle feeling numb and almost unable to move, I was thinking to myself then that this is something I’d never forget.
    And although I have very few thoughts about them lot nowadays, moments as I mentioned above makes it come flooding back,

  6. 4 hours ago, cidercity1987 said:

    It would never happen but it would be nice if alcohol was allowed in the stands but the bars shut whilst the match is in progress.

    That would avoid the ridiculous need to neck a pint at 2.55 and also avoid people coming and going throughout the game.

    Agree, if I’m late to a game and haven’t been to the pub I’ll get a pie and pint but then it’s a struggle to hold them both and consume them at the same time.

    It would be ideal to take them to my seat.

    The amount of people drinking in the concourses while the game is going on is staggering nowadays, each to their own but with the price we have to pay to watch the game, to then miss a load of it to have a pint seems odd.

  7. When I went to watch Exeter v them lot a few weeks ago I was momentarily feeling a bit sorry for their million fans that had made the journey and now found themselves 4-0 down after 25 minutes.

    The moment only lasted seconds, then I remembered the game mentioned above and suddenly found myself happier than the Exeter fans.

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  8. Well that was disappointing and the reverse of what we usually do.

    We used to be slow starters then win loads at the end, in early May we were looking very good but the match at Hampshire starting 6th May was unbelievably our last victory in the championship. 

    Some work to do and if the club are skint, which judging by the massive increase in the cost of the end of season dinner suggests they are, where can they save money?

    For me, the signing of an overseas players on a short contract, especially at the end of a season rarely works, I don’t suppose any of them come cheap. For a full or nearly full season fine but not flying in someone just for a few games at a huge cost.

  9. 1 hour ago, Super said:

    Getting bored now of this feeble batting season after season.

    We've got too many players that show huge talent but dreadful consistency. 

    How many times has Abel shown what a class player he is, got everyone talking about an England call up then go 5 or 6 innings without a run? 

  10. 1 hour ago, TomF said:

    I’m guessing they’ll want to set around 270 in 2 sessions maybe, maybe little less to tempt Somerset to go for it.  250 on 60 overs perhaps.  Somerset certainly don’t shut up shop very well so if we’re 50/3 the title will be in the bag. 

    Yes the only chance of us not losing is to go for it 100% Neither team have anything to lose so could be interesting. 

    This week has made me realise how much i miss not being in the mix in the last round. I know we get stick for being runners up all the time but having that chance of glory from the start of the season to its very end is brilliant and I feel sorry for those counties that haven't experienced it much. 

  11. 18 minutes ago, Nogbad the Bad said:

    Started off my stag night pub crawl from the Cotham Porter Stores in the 80's.

    It's still going strong, or was before lockdown.

    Went to a pub quiz there about 2 years ago.


    Good to hear it’s still going?

    I think I’d have to choose my drink wisely if I was starting a stag do in there

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  12. Sounds like Nogbad is the man to write a book about Bristol pubs, great knowledge and I’m sure a lot of research done over the years.

    I used to live near Cotham Porter Stores, a pub I could easily get very Merry in even if I just popped in for a quick one. I don’t suppose it’s there anymore.

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  13. 4 minutes ago, Robbored said:

    There are other towns that are possible but Slough is favourite.

    I reckon it’s a good shout but if it comes up in the pub quiz and I get it wrong I’m not sure how I’ll feel about OTIB going forward.

  14. 39 minutes ago, TomF said:

    Somerset’s best day with the bat for many a game. Still work to do tomorrow tho. 

    I think it was really important we didn’t finish the season with yet another 100 all out, that could have spelt disaster going into next season.

    Even if we lose, if we put up a fight and a few people get runs it’ll be something to work with in the winter

  15. Crikey, he may not have got off the mark yet but how many potential goals did he stop just in that match? 
    I just love watching him play, talk about always giving 100%

    Glad that his injury late in the game doesn’t sound too bad and a couple days rest should do the trick. 

  16. With Williams looking close to fitness again we’ve got quite a bit of competition in the midfield.

    And even if we’re over the injury nightmares of the past we will still need them all.

    Im hoping Han-Noah will be fit for Fulham but he was struggling at the end

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