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  1. Actually if you haven’t been to London for a while, it’s got even more expensive. I spent a week there in July and some of the rounds of 4 drinks were as much as my train ticket
  2. Is it just me or have most of them changed in taste, texture and size? I used to love a twix with its biscuity base but now it’s not biscuit it’s just a solid form of sugary stuff, too sweet and yucky. Similar could be said about a KitKat, the chocolate is nowhere near the same and once again, too sugary in the middle.
  3. £35 I think I paid, including postage I suppose. Plus £63 for the train leaves me with £2 spending money……….I don’t like going over a ton if I can help it.
  4. I think snap as you go, un-staged, spontaneous. Also, I think the unusual angles of a stadium can be interesting. Years ago they had an exhibition at the Art Academy at the bottom of Whiteladies Rd, it was of football grounds from around the UK and were all taken from unusual angles from down neighbouring streets or the top corner of a terrace. It was brilliant and I wish there was something like it again.
  5. I think it’ll be worth bumping this thread on a regular basis, for those that haven’t caught up with it yet, those entering their final years of work and those who’ve done it and can offer advice and share experiences. If anyone’s considering taking up Norn Iron’s offer of a pensions advisor recommendation, do it. One thing I have found out is a good advisor is well worth the money.
  6. I'll add one photo. I think this highlights Cardiff's problems, too many of their players with their hair tied up.
  7. Cheers NTTDS, Nice to see one of Grangetown station, I presume this is Cardiff’s Parson Street? Credit where it’s due, I thought the police were excellent yesterday, polite, friendly and in the right places.
  8. I get the feeling he's happier with this seasons midfield team mates. When his shot went over James I think it was was giving him loads of praise snd encouragement. Great to see.
  9. I was right in line with his shot, think I'd have been on the pitch if it had gone in. He'll score very soon I reckon
  10. I know a few on here quite well and a few like TomF and Dollymarie that I recognise but don’t know them to chat to, which is odd as I’ve known them on here and/or Twitter for years and feel I know a lot about them and have momentarily gone to chat then remembered we’ve never actually met. Then there’s the faces you know well at Ashton Gate that you’ve no idea if they’re on here or not. Perhaps we should have a day where we all wear an OTIB name badge to a game. I’m dying to find out who the bloke next to me is, all he does is moan about the tannoy system!
  11. We beat them at Taunton but got stuffed at Southampton, 100 all out. All be it with a very different side that will play in the semi final. I booked my train early to QPR away, thinking we had no chance of finals day
  12. I think it’s all still to be decided this winter. I have a feeling there will be a 100 franchise team in the south west after all the stick they’ve had for ignoring us this season, which will be annoying. But besides that probably similar to this season, though could be some tweaking with the championship, we’ve still to see how this season plays out yet.
  13. So would I. However, I wouldn’t deny someone that talented the opportunity to play for his country.
  14. And what an absolute cracking night in front of a full house. To think we’ve not had any cricket for weeks at Taunton this summer holiday is just criminal
  15. He’s already taken over from Hildreth as the best batsman not to have played for England. Been unlucky with injuries just at the wrong time plus he often hits form just as the crap schedule offers no cricket. Classy player
  16. I was in occasional contact with him for a while, we both lived in France and his family were from south Devon where I am now. I can’t find his email address or I’d try contacting him, Dave I’m pretty sure his name is from memory
  17. I’ve always thought it was “I’m a mother f***** coming for you. Doh! I spent an evening listening to covers of that song, had to stop when I got the 50th version
  18. Well, returning to this thread after a few days it seems to have taken a few unexpected twists. Making out with Asian girls and MRI scans. One is a dream come true and one is my worst nightmare. Well I’ve done one and sadly not the other. I had a MRI scan while living in France, as they ushered me reluctantly towards the rather ancient looking contraption I could see a doctor struggling with one of the buttons, I was told to wait while a technician was called. To my amazement a bloke in a brown coat came in armed with just a screwdriver and half heartedly shoved it inside the scanner. As someone who’s a tad claustrophobic I was now trembling, how they got me in that thing and more amazingly how they kept me in it for 40 minutes, I was expecting 15, I’ll never know but I do know I’d struggle to do it again. That hospital and I’m pretty sure that scanner no longer exist so perhaps a more modern, user friendly version now exists!?
  19. Bad memories of being in that ground, England 1 Iceland 2, I felt like throwing a few bottles at our players that night.
  20. Exeter celebrating there first goal with the Gas fans looking on solemnly. The first 2 blocks of seats are theirs too, not sold out by the looks of it but after the 4th goal, 24 minutes, there were a few empty rows for the rest of the game. A very early exit
  21. To every fellow City fan that was at Twerton Park that May evening, let me tell you being here at Exeter is ******* mint Some Gasheads left after the 4th goal, some look like they're crying and all those that are left just sang what the kin hell was that as they left the field. Joey looking like he wants to fight someone. Scènes !
  22. Great game from a hugely promising talent. Some of his moves where he pirouetted, not sure that’s even a word, to get out of trouble we’re Houdini like. I don’t think even he would say it was a 10 out of 10 performance, a couple mistakes and an occasional lack of composure. I think he’ll get better and better, we may not see the best of him for a couple years yet when I reckon he’ll be the real deal……hopefully with us
  23. It feels like 5 years ago but it was February last year
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