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  1. I think I have somewhere. I can remember when they got relegated to the conference I had a split second feeling a tad sorry for some of my gas supporting mates..... .....then I went and found that ticket and laughed my socks off
  2. Now you've stirred those dreadful memories I just as well reminisce. It didn't take long to realise we weren't up for it compared to them, probably as soon as they ran out at the start of the match. We had been so dominant in the league since Christmas and the irony was the match was postponed until that nerve wracking end of he season because *somebody* had set fire to Twerton. If we'd played it when it supposed to be played, we'd have had no nerves and Bob Taylor scoring for fun and would have certainly won the league. So thanks to whoever that was. I couldn't drag myself away at the end I was so numb, I couldn't believe we'd all but thrown away the title....to our fiercest rivals. Has any club had a worse promotion in their history than us that year?
  3. No, it was the one none of us want to remember, shame on NTTDS stirring these horrible memories. Oh well, back to counselling for a few sessions
  4. Arthur Daley and Glastonbury Red??
  5. I think he wore 4. I'd forgotten how many had played for England.
  6. A quick OTIB question with 2 parts Which OTIB member is named after a former Bristol Rovers Goalkeeper ? And where is he nowadays, not seen him on here for ages?
  7. If we take the Norman Hunter answer as a given The other two were both early 90's
  8. 1 correct, though I'm only taking my answers from reading the article, so I can't guarantee 100% correct
  9. Ok, my question is about OTIB the fanzine not the forum. I was just looking at the centenary edition where they had a feature called 'pride in the shirt' and every week had a featured shirt number and which players wore it. In this edition it's the number 6 shirt featured. Question - Name the 3 internationals, two English one Welsh who have worn the Bristol city number 6 shirt
  10. I searched high and low for this topic and as soon as I posted mjne it appeared ! Apologies
  11. Sorry if this has come up elsewhere but I couldn't see anything. I've had a refund from the club for £22.35 not sure why. Anyone else? **Sorry, just seen elsewhere now
  12. I'd forgotten how dreadful a season it was for goals scored. I can remember going to the FA cup 3rd round game v Derby and we seemed to score with every attack, winning 6-1. Instead of building on that we went 7 of the next 8 league games without scoring. That really killed us.
  13. He was signed in '79 and I believe he was the first Finn to play in the top flight in England
  14. Yes when Pertti Jantunen scored in a decent performance I wasn't expecting a relegation season. This seasons game we were dreadful......but could still go up
  15. Yes a massive difference in walk up potd. Season tickets weren't much if a thing then. Plus you'd see a much bigger fluctuation now if the attendance announced was the amount of people actually in the stadium and not for the amount of season cards and tickets sold. Not quite as big a difference as back in Oct '78
  16. A mate has the same memory as you, I can remember it now but couldn't be sure it was that game. Apparently Fash' punched Rogers who then retaliated and got sent off, missing our last 2 games. It comes flooding back now, just the luck you get when you're in a relegation battle The Fashanu brothers weren't the mist popular at Ashton Gate
  17. I've kind of obliterated that game from my memory, I even had to look up to check the score. I think I was so upset at the thought of not being a top flight side any more. I can remember Justin Fashanu playing and I think Rogers scored for us. Anyone else shed light on this
  18. I can remember it wasn't the final nail after that last home game but can't remember how it exactly panned out. I think Everton had a game in hand as they'd been in the FA cup semi final. Oddly I can remember our 2 years in division 4 better than I can that first season back in div 2. With the exception being my first Bristol derby, a drab 0-0 in the August
  19. We lost 2-3 at home to Norwich City. Nothing strange about that.....until you realise it was the last time we played at Ashton Gate in the top flight. I'd had my last day at school the day before, bar going in for exams. I was starting work full time the following week and was so excited that for the first time in my life I could now afford to get to all of City's home games from West Somerset where I lived. As I left the ground and we were all but relegated with 2 away games to go, I was so upset but as a naive 16 year old was sure we'd bounce straight back up the following season. 2 and a half years later we were bottom of the football league and the first year's of me being a full time City fan hadn't quite gone to plan, but at least we were still going.... Just! Does anyone have memories of that game v Norwich and around that time of relegation in particular? I can remember a few Dicks out chants. I can remember world Cup winner, Martin Peters scoring what I think might have been his last ever top flight goal, not his most important I'm guessing.
  20. Yes I can remember some fighting, I'm sure that was the ground, Sonerton Park, where they had handcuffs attached outside the back of the stand? If you misbehaved they'd cuff you up there until the game was over. I was new to away games and this was all very exciting for a teenager from the sticks
  21. What a strange season. I had passed my test in the December aged 17 so I could drive to games from West Somerset. For the first time I could get to any games I wanted. Not a brilliant season to taste such freedom. Newport away was the first away game I drove to, it was emotional as ghey walked off at gull time but I didn't think I'd still be talking about it 38 years later. Fulham the following week with a new young team was also emotional and the loudest Ashton Gate had been since the top flight days. Probably the best crowd/noise ratio I've ever heard at the Gate, around 10,000 sounding much louder than most 20,000 games nowadays
  22. Yes indeed, cheaper and a much smaller carbon footprint nowadays
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