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  1. I don't think Pearson has been dealt a crap hand. He must have seen the hand he was getting when he agreed the contract- he will have known Nagy wasn't happy, he'll have known number of contracts expiring and what kind of wages the players he liked and didn't like were on. I think he knew full well what he was getting into, I think perhaps it was us fans that were kidded/kidding ourselves. As for Nagy, I'd be surprised if we let him go for free but at the same time, what's the point in keeping him around to 4th or 5th choice CM when he's unhappy? I've always thought there was a great player there if he'd been used correctly. C'est la vie (or whatever they say in Hungary) I guess
  2. That's awful news, RIP. One of the most entertaining and consistent posters on here for many, many years
  3. I've always rated Nagy more than most, but if he wants to go then let's get some cash for him and reinvest. We have plenty of options in midfield
  4. Scored a hat trick in their last friendly too
  5. Exactly my point. They were tired to be fair, but neither particularly tried to play the ball, you're always risking a foul when you do that. I gave away several penalties in my footballing "career"; most famously (in my house anyway) taking out former Huddersfield and Bolton striker Delroy Facey (before he turned pro) after he knocked the ball past me and I absolutely cleaned him out. Was the only time I got near him all afternoon (he scored 7 in a 13-1 win)
  6. Sorry, the abuse comment wasn't aimed specifically at you. But Sterling is being labelled as a cheat all over the internet, which I think is unfair
  7. The point I'm trying to make is that a lot of people seem to think that penalties can only be awarded if it's beyond reasonable doubt that it was a foul, but I don't understand why defenders get such slack. I don't watch football to see a 6'4" meathead hip check a striker off the ball, I want to see flair and invention and goals. Sterling beat 2 men, was baring down on goal and was impeded. Don't see why he gets abuse and the defenders are the wronged party
  8. It's not though, is it? I don't think anyone is denying that at least one Dane (I think 2) made contact with Sterling, as he was running through the box. Neither of them touched the ball, at most only one of them is trying to play the ball and yet apparently Sterling has fabricated the whole incident. Let's say he stays on his feet, stumbles and the ball rolls through to the keeper. Why are Denmark rewarded in that situation? Why are 2 defenders, the wrong side of the ball, trying to impede the attacker faultless and have been wronged by the award of a penalty? I'm not saying Sterling didn't make the most of it and I'm not saying it was "stone wall", but in my eyes there's enough there for a penalty
  9. But was there any more reason for him to go down than Sterling? Watch back at the first corner England had, several England players were getting their shirts yanked off their backs. Shaw had his arms up and around Christiansen, no way was it enough for him to go down like that, but he did and he got a free kick. Sterling got nudged by 2 Danish players and went down. Really don't see how people are so adamant it wasn't a penalty. These players can't win- stay on their feet and they get nothing, go down without having their legs broken, they're diving
  10. I thought Kane dived (literally) for England. I thought Sterling was fouled. He was travelling at speed, two Danish players made contact with him, at what point is that not a foul? Neither Dane made much of an attempt to play the ball and even if he'd stayed on his feet, he'd have been impeded. So clear cut? No. But a penalty? Yes Plus, as others have said, the free kick for the Denmark goal was ridiculous so
  11. League One team of the season last year. 6'5" (I think) and good with the ball. I think he's a gamble, but an excellent one
  12. I don't think Southgate will make too many changes. I think if Sancho especially was going to play a role, he'd have got him off the bench on the group stages. I can see him playing Grealish and perhaps Mount coming in for Philips, but the back three and the wing backs worked terrifically well. People decry the 343 as "negative" but it isn't inherently so; Belgium and France play a similar formation and we wouldn't say they are defensive teams (perhaps to France's detriment). I would like to see us attack Ukraine more early in the game, but I think it'll be more about tweaking personnel than making significant changes
  13. I can't believe how many people are complaining about that game. No, England are not the most exciting team to grace major tournament but that is simply a function of the balance of the squad. Our exciting game breaking players all play in the final third, we simply can't play them all. Grealish is excellent and I think Southgate needs to find a role for him against Ukraine (probably at the expense of Saka, which is harsh on him) but acting like he's the saviour of English football is just doing what we always do; putting a great player on a pedestal then knocking him off when he doesn't quite meet our lofty expectations. Just enjoy us beating Germany
  14. I think it's cracking. Love the colours, like the badge placement. Would rather it didn't have a betting company logo scrawled across it, but that's modern football for you. Genuinely thinking of buying a shirt for the first time in 6 years
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