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  1. I thought they had another 2 years left with Dunder
  2. Just heard on Talk sport that Gerrard has come out and said he’s not interested in the job and wants to stay with Rangers
  3. Still can’t see anything being announced till after the last game again Preston. May be after that game this evening?
  4. That would be my choice
  5. Has anyone got any suggestions or anything to help me please. I pre ordered 2 shirts but only 1 has arrived. I’ve tweeted Bristol city and Bristol SLO 3 times but no one answers. E mailed twice - no reply and phoned 3 times and no one can help me. I love 180 miles away from Ashton gate so without having to take the day off work drive down and back using fuel I’m at a loss what to do. Has anyone got any sensible suggestions? Thanks.
  6. could be interesting at the Leeds game if that is the first time people can purchase them. It's a complete farce.
  7. The whole pre order and ships being closed has been a terrible thing from the club. With two weeks till the season starts and not a single piece of merchandise able to be bought is shocking. With the new badge etc I would have thought you’d want it out worn ASAP
  8. I don’t understand why take them off pre order then either. Surely you would want to maximise the selling times?
  9. Anyone have any idea when the pre ordered shirts get sent out? Was hoping to have this week before going away the weekend.
  10. Any ideas when any clothing etc will be in the shop to be able to purchase. Would have loved something with the new badge before going on holiday the end of the month.
  11. I believe so on Virgin as an employee I was led to believe, but I will check tomorrow and find out for sure.
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