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  1. Yes I always get BCFC news on Twitter, as well as Bristol City. I just delete it/say I’m not interested and say it’s not Bristol City. Twitter can’t differentiate between BCFC and BCFC
  2. Shame this didn’t happen last night for Forest…
  3. Don’t think they do that down the Gate? does sound nice though
  4. Existing regulations should supersede any 3rd kit financial agreement. Regulations should be enforced not decided by the club when they feel like it.
  5. It was like watching England v Andorra.
  6. I did get a bit annoyed with him stopping to dry the ball every throw in. Just chuck the blooming thing! I thought he did well today. Really got stuck in
  7. he did, came steaming in when required
  8. we didn't string any passes together…
  9. Looking forward to the game. Who’s out injured?
  10. It was probably supplied by the ad agency.
  11. Did Mark Ashton get a mention at all during the evening?
  12. Has Nige got a bionic eye?
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