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  1. it is terrible, I couldn't make out anything being said. It reminded me of the teacher on Charlie Brown
  2. I thought he was brill!
  3. I was thinking the same but I can still hear Downsy apart from announcing who scored
  4. Who’s going to be wearing their anniversary shirt today?
  5. tape it to the front of your Nokia 3210
  6. I wonder if that chap who made the gas video will be there?
  7. Makes sense to be on the uni campus if that is the preferred target of recipients. It is Frenchay not Bower Ashton. That is only mentioned right at the bottom of the article.
  8. I really liked Brett, had some great skill and control, and scored some wonderful goals but didn’t have the endless energy or running of Andi Weimann. I do remember the fans shouting for him when Maynard was off the boil/refusing to sign but Brett couldn’t step up as a viable replacement. I was sad to see him go, a bit like Matty Taylor
  9. At the time, Danny Simpson’s ex made a statement that the charity didn’t reach out to her to discuss the situation (I don’t know if she contacted them). It made me think that the charity weren’t interested in reconciliation and resolution of the situation, only retribution. They didn’t care about his child.
  10. There’s loads of tickets still available apart from the central sections and that doesn’t include the Lansdown
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