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  1. has he had botox? That forehead is 'kin' massive!
  2. Don't be embarrassed, @Shtanley the amount of times the opposing fans have rubbed our faces in it…
  3. How long was the game? Was it played over new year’s?
  4. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/city-and-supporters-club-sign-memorandum-of-understanding/
  5. It's perfectly plausible knowing the shithousery involved in big business
  6. I was surprised there was booing last night. I wouldn't say there was more from older people than youngsters though, not in the South Stand anyway. It was difficult to tell to be honest…
  7. saw it earlier from a different angle, looks like he was either pushed or hit
  8. By that reckoning we should be mid table premier league… MA and SL’s strategy was not sustainable, and has been discussed at length on this forum. It’s not all about money…
  9. He was very clear and definite to refuse/distance himself from the suggestion of becoming BCFC manager
  10. A well respected poster on here made a comment well over two/three years ago that Steve was unhappy with the influence and control that MA wielded at AG. I don’t know their source and can’t remember the exact time and context in which we were discussing MA but I thought at the time things weren’t as rosy behind the scenes as they were portrayed publically.
  11. I get the impression that Appleton is tougher than people think. Do people really think he’d work with Ashton again? He has prior experience after all. Would he actually sell his soul to go to ITFC?
  12. …he’s the type who wear their ‘soccer’ scarf like a tie…yup, I’m down with the fans
  13. “J.D” apparently, according to the interview that Pete quoted. I’m picturing a Cliff Barnes type character swirling his ice around the class
  14. I don't know if I can bring myself to listen…shame there isn't a voice over like they used to have on Eurotrash…
  15. I was nine! Absolutely loved it…I was so excited driving through Avebury 30 years later, so creepy, I was half expecting to meet a standing stone in the middle of the road! Amazing place to visit, though not on the summer solstice (we did get blessed by the King of Wessex though!)
  16. It's available on DVD. Starring Gareth Thomas aka Blake in Blake's 7! There is also the kid's programme called "The Changes" filmed around Bristol…
  17. excellent programme! the music was brilliant...don't make kid's TV like they did in the 70s
  18. Especially with those bridge tolls! And the likelihood of it being shut for high winds…
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