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  1. That's not how we should be thinking. A) because it's far too early to say B) because why can't he be a success for us?
  2. They'd need a ready made replacement for Grealish hence their earlier interest in Smith-Rowe. They'd definitely be after someone with more experience than Scott.
  3. Hilarious!! Thanks, what an exciting comparison.
  4. I'm yet to watch him and never watch pre-season. What sort of player is he?
  5. I don't think we will be getting a new RB. Looks like it'll be Vyner or Simpson.
  6. Or maybe they've sorted whatever the issue was and made up
  7. I think he can look really poor as he’s never been a hard worker and will often do little else other than score. I imagine when he has games where he doesn’t score and the team play badly he looks dreadful. When buying someone like Pitman, a little bit like Wells in some ways, fans will have to accept that it’s his game. I reckon he’ll do pretty well for Rovers. Provided he starts most games he should get 15 goals+ in league 2.
  8. He scored 11 in 27 league starts so a very decent record. I think it's a good signing for Rovers. Felt we never quite got the best out of him here.
  9. I think Blackpool will travel well as it’s their first game post-promotion. Northern clubs often do in early august anyway. 16-18k sounds a sensible guess.
  10. I think Pearson will have higher expectations than that. The man is used to success. I wouldn't expect a promotion push this season but I bet privately Pearson has much higher expectations for the team than merely surviving.
  11. Yeah I'm also cautiously optimistic, but then again (barring last season) I usually am. I think the spine of our squad is a lot stronger. We could probably do with another forward, but perhaps this'll be the season we see the best of Wells. I think we'll be much harder to beat and that's a great place to start. Provided Baker stays fit (and Kalas + Bentley stay) we have a strong defence. My concern, like many people on this thread, is a lack of goal threat. However it's far more important to get the defence and midfield right first, and I think we might have done that.
  12. Even his shoes are awful. Those smart/casual crossover trainers that a 2021 David Brent would absolutely wear. Completely inappropriate choice for a "CEO" of a football club. He reminds me of a politician trying very hard to rebrand himself. A little bit like what Andy Burnham has done very successfully over the past few years. The difference is that there's a reason for a politician to do this, but once again absolutely no need for a "CEO" of a football club to try that hard.
  13. Agreed. Downsy shouldn't be doing interviews with players full stop in my opinion. I've also been a little disappointed in Dave Barton - I expected him to be a far more competent interviewer. The videos are generally fairly well filmed, but the social media in general is still rather irritating. It's a big shame the club let go of Adam Baker as I feel he got the balance right as a genuine fan of the club. He understood our support and that's very important. I don't think anyone in the media department is an actual supporter of the club and it shows.
  14. Yeah I wouldn't complain about Palmer playing there. He's obviously very gifted and on top form would be really effective. Think Massengo has the potential to make the position his own though if it's part of the plan to try him there.
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