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  1. You’ve conveniently added in the word ‘major’ here when before you were just talking about ‘achievements’.
  2. There is a certain irony in undoubtedly the most pedantic member of the forum taking exception to being corrected on something!
  3. I think there’s two schools of thought - if people are genuinely wishing them well then yes that’s a bit strange. If it’s a bit more nuanced than that and people (such as myself) think a better Bristol Rovers is probably better for Bristol and thus Bristol City then I disagree. The point being made is that a better Bristol Rovers and a genuine rivalry in the City is probably healthy in a place that’s historically seen as a bit of a footballing backwater.
  4. That’s a really good result for them. It is probably better for us if Rovers play at a higher level. Healthy competition galvanises the support, club and also Bristol as a whole. The ideal situation could well be us in the same league, but with us winning both games and finishing higher each season. Would much rather play Rovers than Barnsley/Rotherham/Wigan/Preston. Same applies to Cardiff, Swansea, Plymouth etc.
  5. It’s a boxing song really. Would be a terrible choice, works at boxing but it’s lazy to think there’s some one size fits all approach to these things.
  6. Part of me has always felt Joshua owes Ruiz a 3rd fight. I have no interest in seeing it from a spectator's point of view, but I do feel that the Ruiz win (given it's nature) was more of a comprehensive victory and it hasn't truly been avenged as a result. Saying all that though, I only really have interest in watching Joshua fight Usyk/Fury/Wilder so I hope it doesn't happen. I think there is a bit contextual blot on Joshua's record and that's the home advantage he's enjoyed in 100% of his fights. He's always been the "home" fighter with every possible marginal advantage - whether that's fighting in London or in Saudi/MSG. Fury's record may not be as consistent, but he has more signature wins - 3 of which (Wilder 2, Wilder 3, Klitschko) fighting as an "away" fighter. I think that's an important piece of context that's often overlooked. I think Joshua was a perfect storm in marketing terms. He came out of a very successful London 2012, he looks the part physically, is very exciting to watch and has been marketed brilliantly by Matchroom and Sky. Obviously the aim was to get the Sky Sports crowd on side - lots of them being primarily football fans - and it's worked really well. I do think him vs Fury isn't necessarily a foregone conclusion though, Fury being the favourite however. I just hope we get to see it.
  7. He's recognised by Ring magazine and multiple other boxing organisations as Lineal, so forgive me if I take their word over "Riaz" from Otib!
  8. It's not the same as being officially 'undisputed' and Fury knows this despite what he says. If the undisputed fight is on the table, he will take it - regardless whether that's Joshua or Usyk. The 'retirement' thing is just a bargaining ploy.
  9. The reward is to be undisputed - Fury is a boxing historian and he knows the significance of that accolade. It'll also generate him huge money whichever opponent, but more if Joshua.
  10. Boxers being truly scared of eachother isn't really a thing at top level sport. They all genuinely believe they will win.
  11. I think he would fight Usyk as there's still the pressure to unify. I think that's an intriguing fight stylistically. I don't believe any boxers are truly "scared" of eachother at world level, but Fury isn't stupid and understands boxing - he will know Usyk will be a challenge. He was far greener back then, but he ranks Steve Cunningham in 2013 as one of his hardest fights.. a smaller man with good technical skill albeit not in Usyk's league. He will want the Joshua fight as the money generated would be enormous. On account of Usyk not being anywhere near as big a name as Joshua it won't generate the same hype or money to the mass market.
  12. Adding to this - I would love to see Wilder vs the loser of Usyk vs Joshua.. if only boxing politics were that simple. There'll always be a big question mark over Wilder, especially if he doesn't fight again. Hasn't had enough tests against anyone any good barring Fury and Luis Ortiz. My personal opinion is Wilder beats everyone not named Fury or Usyk with a fight against Joshua being a very exciting 50/50 shootout.
  13. It'll be Wembley again, especially if it's against Joshua. Was great to have a huge stadium fight at the weekend.
  14. Paris Fury basically let slip that's the plan. The 'retiring' stuff is to strengthen his bargaining position. Unless he vacates the WBC, he's not retiring. Fury will want Joshua to beat Usyk. I think he's a bit more wary of Usyk but believes he has the beating of Joshua. I predict he'll mess about with WWE stuff over the summer, probably be in the corner for Parker vs Joyce to keep himself in the headlines.. hopes Usyk vs Joshua happens in July resulting in a Joshua victory with an undisputed fight in late 2022 or around this time next year.
  15. I don’t think it is. He seems to take things incredibly seriously.
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